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  1. Thank you both. May you have clear skies and multiple bogies.
  2. Good afternoon everyone. I haven't been able to fly in almost 6 months due to a real world medical issue that has grounded me and is not improving. The bills are mounting and a a result I have to very tearfully say good-bye to DCS and my related equipment to help cover my wife's expenses. All of the equipment it in very good working order, it's just a little dusty based on non-use for last 6 months. Included is a HOTAS Warthog set, TM TFRP pedals, 2 working TM Cougar MFD's mounted to a color monitor and a wheel stand pro stand with keyboard plate. The HOTAS and pedals have the original boxes but the pedals box is dented on the top so it's not in mint condition. This is very difficult and I miss the community and the unfriendly skies more than I thought I would but love requires sacrifice, so here we go. We will be away for a few days but I will check IM's and while I have given away equipment in the past this time I will sell to the best offer. I'm sorry if that sounds horrible, I don't mean to be that way, but it's the reality I am facing. Thank you for your time and please let the mountains I normally smacked into that I miss them. May there never be peace in the skies of DCS. Capn' Penguin
  3. Yeah I ordered some my Tamiya thin cement that I'm using now. the testors just happened to be there. so testors is completely gone huh. Good thing I fell in love with the Vallejo air paint. It is nothing less than fantastic
  4. Yeah thanks for the advice I tried it on my F-18 test model oh, never been a hornet fan, and it turned out that way so I just ordered some actual clear coat expensive kind. I'm very happy with the way the F4U turned out so I'm going to be a chicken and not use the pledge I'll wait till the new stuff comes in. thank you for the advice and I will see what happens
  5. Okie dokie since my rigs been busted for over a month I have decided to pull out all the old equipment and I've started the building again. I'm actually having a blast working on several kits and it's just been a lot of fun but I'm running into something that I've never seen before and I'm looking to you gentlemen for some guidance. So I'm using the testors then liquid cement on the kits and everything's going fine I'm doing my preshading and my base paint using the Vallejo airbrush paint which I absolutely love. being able to feed the airbrush hopper one drop at a time it's just absolutely fantastic paint I'm sorry I digress. Anyway after I finish my coat and letting it sit for a day to a day and a half before applying my clear coat. I'm using future floor wax which is now called pledge but just like I always did in the past but now the problem is as soon as it hits the model it looks great except anywhere that there's any testors glue that didn't fall in the seam. So I end up with this glossy model that has a a very nice paint job on it but anywhere there was testors cement on the outside of the kit becomes a completely different shade it just looks horrible so I'm hoping you guys can help me cuz I have not experienced this before. So in short models put together there are three coats of paint on top of the the liquid cement being used on the pieces but yet when I put the clear coat on the areas that have any liquid cement on them are being tinted completely different than the areas without. Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi you're my only hope
  6. There I was…….. The time was 0630 in the virtual morning and I was careening up a virtual valley at just over 600 virtual knots. My virtual trusty steed for this mission was a shiny new virtual F-16 loaded with virtual bombs headed towards the virtual city of Whoville, where the virtual Lemmings therein were being threatened by a group of virtual Ragheads. (No offense intended to Lemmings, Ragheads, Whoittes or Dr. Seuss fans in general) As the countdown timer on my HUD neared the magic number I skirted through the outer SAM ring and felt hope rise in my heart. I was the man! I was one with my machine! I was unstoppable… or so I thought. As I cleanly rounded a bend in the valley in all of the VR glory my 2080ti card could muster, I instructed my wingman to drop into trail formation, and I grinned as I gazed ahead at the target before me. It was then that I heard a noise from the 2 O’clock position. I looked as if I would see something in the virtual cockpit but everything was in the green. I refocused my gaze on the rapidly approaching encampment and adjusted the grip on my joystick when I felt an impact on my forearm. Instinctively I scanned the gauges, but my mind snapped to reality that whatever was impacting my arm was “outside” of the cockpit. I quickly thought about the balance between my commitment to the Lemmings desperate for my aid and investigating the enemy that seemed to have infiltrated my rapidly moving virtual airspace. I released the throttle for a moment and raised the VR headset for a brief glimpse, knowing I was mere seconds away from the IP, and was greeted with a frightening view. There was an F-13 Mk.7 Tabby at Co-altitude staring relentlessly at me. Her unblinking eyes were filled with a mixture of terror and angst made her look like a Tribble gone mad. She studied me intently as she pondered her position and my next move. The Tabby Mk. 7 was intertwined with my collectors edition Lego X-Wing fighter and I only had a moment to react before the X-Wing would meet its demise. I rapidly assessed the situation and very quickly realized that this scenario only had 1 of 2 outcomes, Dead Lemmings or destroyed property. However as I looked into her eyes she seemed to hint that in fact both outcomes would be reached but beyond my expectations. As I type this today, Oh how I wish she had been wrong. Against the wishes of the doomed Lemmings ahead I struck the ESC key and yanked off the VR headset, which in retrospect, was a very bad choice. My sudden movement startled the Tabby Mk. 7 causing her to perform a hard jink to the left as if she were avoiding an SA-6. The X-Wing rolled with her and I reached out to keep it from falling to the floor. My hand grazed the back of the rapidly egressing feline causing her to perform a 9G turn and increase her speed to Mach 1.2. I felt a microseconds worth of relief as the X-Wing was firmly in my grasp but suddenly realized that she was continuing to accelerate as she changed direction to travel across the front portion of my desk. It was at this time that she impacted the water distribution device (glass) causing my heart to turn cold. With a single bound the enemy Tabby left the area leaving behind her a trail of debris, mayhem, two water made paw prints and 4 drops of water that soared through the air pulled along in her wake. I watched in fear as time slowed to a crawl and I was able to clearly track the drops as they crossed the desk seemingly in pursuit of the rapidly moving feline. My grip on the X-Wing loosened as my brain calculated the trajectory and I became aware of the imminent threat I was now facing. Before I could drop the Legos the feline delivered water bombs disappeared over the edge of the desk, and I would swear to this moment that they were mocking me as they seemingly adjusted their heading. In less than a twinkle of an eye I was awed at the Tabby Mk. 7s precision. She, while maneuvering at full throttle had managed to place 4 precision guided munitions with a skill that would make Luke Skywalker on the Death Star run envious. I dropped the X-Wing, leapt from my chair to the left and reached for the power button just as the drops entered the exhaust fan on the top of the case. There were then 4 simultaneous loud bangs, the X-Wing hitting the desk, my knee contacting the floor, the cat impacting the wall beyond the treadmill and the drops impacting the Motherboard seizing the entire system. The system shut down instantly but the USB devices continued to glow. I pulled the case towards me to comfort it in my arms when I heard the last fan, on the power supply, quietly spool down. The USB devices flickered and then slowly faded to black. I sat there in a crumpled heap slowly whispering calming words to the now deceased rig when I looked to my right and saw those same unflinching orbs of indignation staring into my soul. All I could think was, “I bet you’d taste like chicken.” Six days have passed since the 4 seconds of mayhem that caused the death of my dear computer and the gaping hole in my “office” is only superseded by the enormous chasm in my heart. I have passed the time walking in the park, playing guitar in my hammock, geocaching and pondering the meaning of life in the great outdoors. I’ve lost 8 pounds, gotten some sun and met my neighbors. It’s been horrible. I sit here now staring at the lifeless HOTAS and VR headset and as I glance at the Cat formerly named Joy, now aptly named Odow (Oppenheimer Destroyer Of Worlds), I still think she would taste like chicken.
  7. Perfect that's what I needed to hear. Thank you
  8. Anyone in the community build quality plastic kits? I did years ago but the old hands just can't get 'er done like they used to. I'm trying to find someone I can commission to build an F-16 from my old unit, SCANG and before I look in the IP Modeler forms I thought I'd give it a looksie around here. I'm not looking for ultra detailed cockpit and crazy wiring in the wheel wells, just a solid build with good "curb appeal" :) to go in my home office next to my X-wing :). Two Bobs has a couple of decals sheets but there may be others as well, I just ordered a set of decals. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Speed-Hunter-Graphics-48007-1-48-decal-SEAD-Specialists-F-16C-Tamiya/183555964228?hash=item2abcc9bd44:g:-VoAAOSwZ1hb~GUn If anyone is interested please shoot me an email at dcslawndart@gmail.com and or drop me a PM in here. I will be willing to pay in advance fully. Thanks
  9. Good morning, Due to some recent and ongoing medical battles I can't really sit with my arms elevated above to the desk where my Warthogs reside. Therefore I've started looking for some sort of stand, holder, seat, contraption etc to hold them in a lower position beside my chair. I have only found 2 and it was more for racing than flying. I have a glass desk so I'm afraid to use the ones that hang on the desk for fear of breaking the glass. Does anyone have any experience with the seats or stands that would hold a HOTAS setup? Thanks
  10. Very nicely done. I like the time on target aspect. Really enjoyed it even though I got vaporized at the target :)
  11. Please forgive me for wasting the next 14 seconds of your life and if you don't have 14 seconds to waste I strongly recommend you skip to the next post in this thread :doh: To whom it may concern: I think General Jet was promoted way to quickly and the command staff he put together is concerning. I began to worry when he brought in Major Payne to be over the flight physicals, his old pal Colonel Sanders, who now runs the mess hall and then WO4 Chief Justice as the new SP NCO. However, I knew we were in trouble when 1st Lieutenant Ho was promoted to R&R officer, although in all fairness the men do seem happier... except for her aide, Seaman Poole, whom she is working like a dog. Yesterday I completed the paperwork for Captain Hook, who will be our new logistics officer and today he called and advised that he wants orders for two of his men, Seaman Boxx and Private Strong, to be over the warehouse facility. Captain Morgan should arrive tomorrow as TDY officer and finally, Lieutenant Dan is scheduled to arrive Friday, Major Wood has a team erecting the handicap parking sign now. I'm sure everything will work out, but you asked what I thought about General Jet performance. There ya go sir. Sincerely: Private Dancer OK don't get mad at me, I apologized beforehand. :thumbup:
  12. They were dark but I just popped up the contrast on the second monitor and they are clear and bright even with all room lights on. The blue at the bottom is a little ifish in bright lights but other than that no issues.
  13. Yes sir Wags. I went from Rift to Rift-S and what a difference and then the Viper cockpit is spectacular in it. Everything except the white thing in front of the throttle is very sharp and clear. I don't use the hand controllers so I have no idea how they work but the visual aspect is worth every penny.
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