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  1. check my sig for tutorials on this stuff Virpil does not like gaps in the mapping table
  2. Thanks for replying Big Newy I appreciate your time, Happy new year and stay safe out there I was looking to use this sort of stuff for my helicopter submarine hunting mission ... but if wounded and smoke while submerged it breakes the immersion
  3. quick video of this incase it will speed things up
  4. does this mean you can get this logged on the Eagle Dynamics bug tracker ?
  5. See attached mission If a submarine is submerged (under water) and it damaged the fire/smoke still happens This should only happen if the submarine is surfaced ( depth = zero) Most of the time fire does not burn under water underwater_fire.zip
  6. Since there is no way to turn off the big fire objects in DCS you can use the destroy command to get rid of them (when you want the fire to go out) This sadly will only work in single player If you try to do the same thing in DEDICATED MULTIPLAYER SERVER it will not work See attached miz file Instructions to reproduce SP test 1. Load this mission in DCS mission editor 2. run the mission 3. Observe the BTR in F7 view 4. To the north of it is a big fire .... it is burning 5. Wait 20 seconds the fire dissappears (there will be a message) MP DEDICA
  7. you will need to use joystick gremlin for that
  8. If you are on the same network as the server is hosted on ... you will not see it in the public list, you can use its LAN side IP to connect to it tho and play
  9. yes I really wish they would fix this - floating barrels is kinda immersion breaking behold - floaty Mc Barrel face
  10. I have re-done a few of them that refer to older versions (and these have links to the updated videos) or they are marked as outdated The software GUI does keep changing but a lot of things are still named the same way, so most videos are still relevant Unknown if you are correct about encoder dials, I just asked the Virpil design engineer how many clicks per rotation they are using and he said 12 apart from the Scroll wheels on Alphas and deltas grips
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