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  1. wait until 24hours before it is available for download, that way you can still get a discount if you want to buy it and by that time you will also know what state it is in at launch
  2. 2021/06/02 - Updated server to new patch
  3. Preset1 - Light Scattered 1 Few Scattered Clouds \nMETAR:FEW/SCT 7/8 Preset2 - Light Scattered 2 Two Layers Few and Scattered \nMETAR:FEW/SCT 8/10 SCT 23/24 Preset5 - Scattered 1 Three Layer High altitude Scattered \nMETAR:SCT 14/17 FEW 27/29 BKN 40 Preset6 - Scattered 2 One Layer Scattered/Broken \nMETAR:SCT/BKN 8/10 FEW 40 Preset7 - Scattered 3 Two Layer Scattered/Broken \nMETAR:BKN 7.5/12 SCT/BKN 21/23 SCT 40 Preset9 - Scattered 4 Two Layer Broken/Scattered \nMETAR:BKN 7.5/10 SCT 20/22 FEW41 Preset10 - Scattered 5 Two Layers Scattered Large Thi
  4. too many craters I think was the reply to what that was
  5. open beta is most popular, the release version lags a fair bit behind
  6. @Grimes I noticed the example code on that page is wrong local u = Unit.getByName('whoopwhoop') if u:getDrawArgumentValue(43) == 1 then -- left gunner door open else -- left gunner door closed end
  7. @Grimes thanks for taking the time to reply, would it be possible for you to please add this as a feature request to ED ?
  8. @Grimes https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/DCS_func_getDrawArgumentValue is there a corresponding set value command in the scripting engine? I was wanting to trigger the cargo doors opening of a mi-8 from a script, is this even possible ?
  9. this would be a nice feature, Currently I use a batch file that gives multiple options on how to start DCS and which config to use
  10. some dimensions available here http://www.havoc-company.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=1386&p=9242#p9242
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