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  1. Master mode ANF, radar A1 or A2 ,weapon select in RR, CI display the 3km mark normal, but after that the CI keep displaying the 3km mark although master mode or weapon selector has been changed. I think this happened after the debug of distance line during take off in RR mode.
  2. When I use gun pod attack ground target follow HUD, the fire timing always too early. The ammo fall down and hit ground behind the target. And I find that the accurate fire timing is between the fire signal disappear and the pull up signal appear. I think in some early version, the gun pod is accurate enough. Is anyone meeting same problem?
  3. This picture is from P198 of the manual in game folder. It's look like that in some early version, the direction of arrow and the number is correct.
  4. 1.The direction of arrow is wrong; 2.Channel 10 is missing.(...-9-ALLM-11-...),so it's impossible to contact Gudauta use the preset radio channel. 3.The number "3" is missing.
  5. I have tried many times and all of the missile turn left is going down into the sea but the missile turn right can attack target as usual.
  6. When the missile make a left turn to avoid CIWS, it crash into water. It has happened many times. Anybody meet same problem here?
  7. It's look like no function of Group Target Selection in mission editor. The missile keep attacking first and second row and the Groundcrew setting keep in "left 2 right 1" although I choose first and third in mission editor.
  8. The ring still appear on distance line and not move,
  9. I have tried to bomb from a deep diving, but sight still appear on the distance line and go up suddenly, and Could anybody try it and tell me whether you have the same problem or not?
  10. When I am doing a dive bombing in Precision mode, set with DYK+ANF, the behavior of the HUD symbol(especially the ring named Sight) is strange ,like in pic-1. and it is not same as the old version like pic-2(a video form 2017). Is it because I attack at wrong attitude and speed? pic-1 pic-2
  11. it look like not have different in mode A0 and A1and in A2 mod is just opposite A1,but document say that "A0: Black on white, A1: White on black, A2: auto“.
  12. It will not illuminate soon, delay about 10s.
  13. 游戏中 玩家 自己 的 节流阀 决定 了 游戏中 所有飞机 的 尾烟雾强度。 All the aircraft's smoke strength is depend on a player's throttle. Although an aircraft is in idle whether control by a AI in single or an other player's in multi, it will make a strong smoke if player turn on AB, and smoke will disappear if player turn down to idle. It also cause different player have different effect of a same aircraft on different PC in a multiplayer game.
  14. After I release first time and reload on airport ,I can't release again with same setting. Any one have met this problem?
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