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  1. It was the second engagement. I'm not exactly sure how fast was I was going, guess it was close to mach 1. Unfortunately, at least for me when replaying the track it crashes the plane at takeoff. It's also somehow 38MB so had to use external site to upload it. In case you can make it go further than the takeoff crash, excuse my garbage flying as I tend to watch Youtube on second monitor during the quiet parts. I also totally cheated the first engagement by starting from too high altitude... Could very well be I broke some triggers by flying too much out of the intended route. Anyway, here's
  2. Same happened to me and Showtime pronounced me dead, called knock it off and fight ended there. F-16 was about 3km in front of me, nearly dead center when he fired.
  3. It seems my keybinds didn't work properly, restarting DCS and redoing the binds sorted it out, thanks!
  4. Can't get Magics to launch. Solid tone, triangle on hud, pull trigger and nothing happens. Followed tutorial mission to the letter but the missiles just won't launch. What a mess this update is.
  5. Try flying lower, if you climb too fast you will miss the triggers.
  6. Is this campaign dead? Seems that in recent patches everything you encounter is basically UFOs, I'm having F-4s outturning me in long drawn out turn fights where F-5 is supposed to be at upper hand.
  7. Seems that the issue is back, upon reaching IP Delta the message to send your wingmen doesn't trigger and Uzi won't take off. Sending your wingmen to the necessary waypoints doesn't progress the mission. Also there is no message to do in flight brief. E: Alright, I figured it out by watching Youtube video of the mission. I was climbing too fast going from WP1 to IP Delta and missed the trigger to do in-flight briefing. If you use the autopilot path function and set your plane directly on course to the waypoint marker on the hud you will miss the mission trigger.
  8. Very solid campaign, great value and best of all good voice acting. Only minor downside was the longish ingress/egress flights, but hey, that's why the time compression exists and understandably the whole red flag setting necessitates it.
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