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  1. What do you know? This works!!! :D Somehow, if you load a self-made mission, a training mission or an instant action, it uses different key bindings... this makes absolutely no sense! :doh:
  2. And back to nothing again :( Is there any way to reset everything? Clicking on the default for each category didn't change anything.
  3. I tried, but when I use TARGET, my rudder doesn't work.
  4. I didn't, I used TM tools ;) Update: The throttle seems to be doing fine today, and of course... I didn't change anything. The joystick, on the other hand, is still - unidirectional (no roll, only pitch) - console joystick (pushing it in a direction makes him move continuously in that direction, when centered, it just stops moving instead of going back to the center) To whoever put that gremlin in my warthog, could you please call him off? He's annoying!
  5. Right now, I'm focusing on the A-10C, but no plane works. Also, I didn't get further than the start-up training, as I need the throttle to fire up the engines.
  6. What's that? Edit: checked it, it was set to 100% I went as far as deleting and reinstalling the game... to my horror, all the presets were still saved. Then I basically tried whatever and restored default settings for the throttle (the ones that didn't work to start with). The mystery deepens: - now the throttle jumps back and forth ingame from idle to off position, except when I move the physical throttle. - some switches on the ingame control panel jump back and forth - in the keybinding menu, it's like JOY_BTN26 and JOY_BTN29 are constantly giving signals
  7. Everything seems fine, I just get a smooth reaction... I calibrated both, just to be sure, to no avail... :joystick:
  8. I know... :cry: As a picture says more than a thousand words: see screenshot in attachment. Also: the stick is doing weird things too, a simple nudge forward or backwards and he goes all the way, and left-right is not doing anything. Edit: I don't know if this could be any help, but I've added the profile I'm using in attachment. :helpsmilie: test profile a10.diff.lua
  9. Any plane will do, as long as I can get it moving. I have the following: A-10C F-16 F-18 FC None ever flew! :cry::cry::cry:
  10. I'm 2 seconds short of throwing my throttle trough my window! How do I get this game to register the throttle movement? I can keybind the throttle to some of the 'throttle' functions, some planes have a 'thrust' function too, tried to bind the thottle movement to that too, no succes... It actually binds, so the game gets the signal from the throttle. BUT... When in my plane, pulling the throttle back and forth doesn't do shit! Also, using the keyboard to move that damn throttle doesn't do anything. :joystick::furious:
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