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  1. Design is nice and i have printed main body, bottom cover and small side panel and i can see some issues or need for some design improvements. For main body housing there is need to add some beams to give some structural strenght for housing. I havent had attached to any parts anywhere but i can see allready now it is too flexible. Attachment of whole unit to gas throttle lever. There are pieces what you can use to clamp to throttle but at the moment only method what i can see to attach them to actual housing is to superglue them. As side panels are also attached with superglue and you n
  2. Ok. Lets say its common for HTC Vive/Pro users but i just wanted to check that you have received my PM's :) No rush, i have new toy VoiceAttack and Vaicom Pro to play around with for a while.
  3. When Vaicom Pro training mode for Microsoft Speech Engine is used does VP and VA interarct with Microsoft Speech engine so that it helps it to identify/recognise your speech better? Or is training mode purpose to modify your own speech so that software recognises your speech based on information what you see in Voice Attack window regarding identified word and confidence level? I am not 100% after reading section from manual few times how training mode really functions. I have spend some tens of minutes in training mode and i like to think that some keywords are identified better or hig
  4. Any progress with Vive issues? I send you PM of my latests tests but i am not sure if you received that?
  5. I agree 100%. For simulator genre VR is most suitable at the moment. As long as you are sitting in some cockpit racecar, aeroplane , helicopter or truck all is good and it feels quite natural. But issue is when you need to start to simulate walking.
  6. Oh and i just thought it is my bad english accent as i try to command and VoiceAttack makes completely different things or do not recognise my "finglish". It is somehow relief to see that also native speakers seems to have some issues. That being said i am now tempted to try Vaicom with VoiceAttack to communitate mainly for radio commands.
  7. Still same issue. Focus functionality is not working and kneeboard is kind of alpha (you can see through it) When I check log I can see that it complains of missing dll module. I think this is missing because I do not have Windows tablet? 2019-08-19 08:36:57,857 [1] INFO VRKneeboard.App - Application Startup: 2019-08-19 08:36:57,977 [1] ERROR WintabDN.CWintabInfo - FAILED IsWintabAvailable: System.DllNotFoundException: Unable to load DLL 'Wintab32.dll': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E) at WintabDN.CWintabFuncs.WTInfoA(UInt32 wCatego
  8. Ok what I can see is that it doest function like that with HTC Vive Pro at least for me. I am using it just in standalone version but I cant focus on that or interact with it. Do you have Rift what you have used for development?
  9. I did as you requested and this is only thing I get. 2019-08-18 15:08:57,142 [1] INFO VRKneeboard.App - Application Startup I did noticed that there was one focused event on log from yesterday as I was testing different things and tried to get VRK to function. I have tried changing DCS client to full screen and window (even though in VR mode it does not seem to make any difference) My headset I HTC Vive Pro, not Oculus.
  10. Here is attached screenshot of VRK settings. I use SteamVR to change VR settings. When you are using that application do you have anything set to OVRSteam application? Like I said VRK is showing what I suppose nonfocused kneeboard which is partly alpha/transparent. I assume that when I look at it, it should activate and also change size. But if I look at it, keep looking at it or try to point it with AIM it does not cause any interaction.
  11. If I add those command line options it still does not change 'kneeboard' view. It stays still alpha. I assume when you look at it, it should be zoomed bigger (what you have set as parameters in settings page) but nothing changes. I run it as standalone version.
  12. Hmm isn't that possible to have android application to change page by swiping screen? Like example how kindle/amazon books are done?
  13. I tested application and issue for me is that Kneeboard stays alpha and doesnt matter how I change setting values. There is this information in first post: The good news for Oculus owners (like me) is that SteamVR is complatible with Oculus devices too. It is just required that your (flight) simulator is compatible with SteamVR and can be forced to SteamVR mode. In case of DCS this is done by adding a command line option ( --force_steam_VR ) Where this --force steam_VR must be added?
  14. I would love to see Android-version of tablet implemented. There are far more Android options available.
  15. I hope that when you setup Discord it does not start to take your time away from production and development of software as everyone is then PM'ing to you and waiting responses. I am sure that none of us wants you to overburden yourself with all tasks you are doing. There are actual companies with different roles for what you are doing now pretty much alone :)
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