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  1. Not older hardware, unless a 3090 is "old" Well, here is my saga... And it frankly doesn't make sense. Get DCS yesterday and Test (was on "older" driver, not sure which one, maybe 461.72 or the one after) Frames kinda suck relative to previous offline. I.e. the aforementioned drop from 10ms to 15ms. Update driver to see if its the issue. Nope, new driver is the same or worse. Test online, terrible frame rates, but thats like CPU frame related. Check logfile, see a bunch of DX11 errors relating to shaders and clouds Today, did repair, it found 600 f
  2. Heads up guys. Not sure if its your issue but I was on the "latest" drivers 466.11 bad (50% higher gpu frame time) 15ms gpu frame times 461.72 (old feb driver) works fine, back to high fps... 9-10ms frame times...
  3. Yeah, I have seen this too. With a 3090 and 9700k@5. I mean I got decent frame rates in 2.5, but GPU utilization was like 40-50%, now it appears to be much higher ~95%, and I have frame rate issues... So clearly something is different, and it isn't the clouds.
  4. So after doing a bit more standardized testing, TF51 FF-tiblisi. CPU frames, same as 2.5ish from what I recall ~10ms GPU frames are now up by 50%, from ~10-12ms to the mid teens ~14-16ms. So, something is "eating" 4ms of frames. I can change clouds from medium-ultra and it has no really noticeable effect. Specs that matter 9700k/3090/80gig ram I did turn off the cockpit lighting and did see a small drop in 1-2ms of frame times. So I'm thinking it may be related to the new lighting model. And also very interestingly, the H
  5. Appreciate any insights you might gain. My VERY general experience was that in 2.5 I was seeing anywhere between 45-75 fps (usually like on the ground/up high) on most maps situations online/offline usually above 45 for most of it. Currently (online) I'm usually below 45FPS sitting on the ground online, and then usually locked at 45 or occasionally now into the 50's. And it seems like CPU frametimes are the culprit. I did a double take to check that that wierd winwing export thing hadn't cropped up again in my exports since this caused very similar issues.
  6. I'd be interested in folks experience with 2.7... I'm seeing much higher CPU frame times online specifically.
  7. Yeah seeing a decent drop here. All standard things like FXO done. Mine is weird since its FAR worse on line, my frametimes are in the mid20's at times online. Offline more like teens, but I lost 10-20fps offline and like 30+ online. 9700k 5ghz and 3090... the issue seems to be a major increase in cpu frame times.
  8. Precisely, DCS doesn't really model different "kinds" of zoom, or limitations of optics/digital zoom and so forth, nor sensor resolution limits. A long range, you might see something that your sensor can detect as 3-4 pixel blob, and no matter how much say "enhance" "enhance" "enhance" in digital world Its still gonna be a 16 pixel (blob) with the rough shape of the original object. I'd guess in OP's litening image it would look like minecraft B1...
  9. No dev updates anything on a daily basis, especially small teams.
  10. Yeah, thats what I seemed to recall reading at some point too.
  11. I mean once a day is a joke. Once a month a bit less, once a quarter more realistic. IDK, nothing I've ever seen in DCS is released on time, based on what I have seen (3d models and some assertions) well, call me optimistic and call it 1 quarter late... Maybe it will be 2 or 3 Q's...
  12. I mean lets be realistic, if some tank commander sees/hears/is told of enemy CAS in an area, his #1 priority is gonna be to hide, not try to randomly kill them from X km when they don't see him. Guess what blocks FLIR/visual/NVGs? This magical fucking object called a TREE... Yes, fine for example the longbow Radar kinda does, but still, for the most part SOP for tanks is to be not noticed and let ADA deal with it. Not this BS BBBBRRRRTTTT behavior we see in DCS, look at meee ADRIANNNAEEEE <daka daka noises>....
  13. I mean, I hate to be a pessimist here, but honestly, given how long its taking to even get the warbirds up on that DM, and how much tweaking each one will need, I'm not optimistic that we will ever see ground units in the next decade unless they really do something generic, like here is a "tank" (with some changes to armor), here is a "truck" etc. Not to mention "semi realistic" gunnery, spotting and morale from those guys, no matter how much I appreciate the Slavbo school of gunnery from Volgywood studios that ED has decided to embrace... With apologies to all peoples
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