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  1. I read "mirrors" and big direct displays. How that actually works, I have no idea. That being said one of the biggest costs and problems IMO with current gen headsets are the lenses, good glass ain't cheap. I had a good amount of chromatic abberation in my G1 headsets at the edges, and while that is a fairly simple thing to "fix" from an optics perspective its not "cheap".
  2. Well, it certainly has interesting resolution specs. My two questions would pertain to how much SDE it has if any, and then obviously performance.
  3. Harlikwin

    Corsair Hype!

    Yeah, I feel like the plane is getting close. I wonder though if the carrier will be a "later in EA" sort of thing.
  4. Not for a hawk site unfortunately.
  5. I actually mainly meant kineamtically for the missiles as well as the flight time. Basically its much easier to dodge a missile fired from max range versus a much shorter range. And yes I Think you are right in the sense that you can still break the lock at a shorter range with the ECM on. The other thing I wonder if ECM is actually modeled hemispherically like most of the jammers IRL only work in a frontal or rear arc.
  6. Yeah IDK how much the backseat work differs. But you start with one model and do it, and do your best to reuse the code for the second one. Frankly we have no idea how jester actually "works" or how sophisticated it is an AI (frankly jester mostly sucks IMO). I also don't see ED licensing code from HB, or other 3rd parties. Nor do I see HB licensing it to other 3rd parties. In fact, ED looks to just be making their own API for it with "Drunk Gunner Ivan" for the Mi24. So hopefully that will develop into a standardized product.
  7. I could always be wrong. I was certainly on how quick "gen2" came along in terms of PPD with the reverb if you recall. I figured it would be a another year or two before we had that level of clarity.
  8. Yeah near term I agree, hopefully with some sort of haptic feedback that doesn't suck. Long long term hopefully full haptic gloves could IMO provide proper feedback. But its gonna be decades IMO before that gets to a level of functionality needed to replicate a hotas.
  9. Personally I think you're right, but ED has "upgraded" versions in the past too. Slim chance IMO but It would fit better with the more modern western stuff.
  10. Yeah, we need this as well as a mirage III which was far more iconic, but a bit later.
  11. Well, when the F18 started ED said it would be a 90's model. Not sure on the viper. But the track record is to deliver "newer" versions than promised, so there is at least a precedent for it.
  12. Well, the SPS-141 was specifically designed to jam the Hawk, and IRL during the iran/iraq war worked well in that role according to various reports I've seen. In DCS pretty much all the jammers do are 2 things vs SAM's: Reduce the launch range (so when they do launch you'll be a sitting duck ironically) Increase the time to launch somewhat. Hollbeach did some testing for the harrier ECM pod over in the AV8B section (~pg 200 of his thread). You would be best of just testing it offline in a canned scenario to see how well it actually works. Check launch
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