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  1. Hello, congratulations on this very high quality work. On DCS we have a aerobatic team with the MB339s and a cargo plane which is also in the presentation. Currently we use the C130 modeled by the Cuesta brothers (who rendered service me). Your Hercules is much more evolved, especially in the Cockpit, but also in the flight domain. Our C130 is equipped with 3 smoke pods (blue white red), which works with the T button. is it possible to mount 3 smoke pods on your plane, and how do i go about it? Thanking you Jean Pierre
  2. It may be possible that all the codes for export.lua are not open or do not work the same for third-party aircraft. If not, why this difference in operation between for example the SU25T and your plane? FMJPA
  3. I have the old version and version 2.5.6 I just tested on version 2.5.6 I have exactly the same problem FMJPA
  4. Thank you for your reply. I contacted the designer of MyNL. For him, his software works on original DCS aircraft. My question was, what is the difference between third party aircraft and those of DCS in terms of export. Thank you FMJPA
  5. Hello, I have a problem with an export to a MyNL navigation map. This export works with DCS planes: SU 25T as well as with planes made flyable with FC3, the position of the plane is sent on the map. This export does not work with the MB339, the Alphajet, or the A4. Do you have any idea of this problem? Thank you FMJPA / JP Export.lua
  6. Hello Igor, hello everyone In multiplayer, navigator only works with the Resume manuel selected in the advanced menus of the server. I would like to use Resume on load mode and in this case Navigator does not work, no trace. Does anyone have the solution? Maybe a modification of the export.lua file? Thank you FMJPA
  7. Hello, Thank you for the answer. It's the same thing with "Resume with clients". ED intentionally changed the way it works, certainly for good reason, but they did make a bug that will not be fixed, as I don't see a lot of posts on this. As for the DCS Navigator addon - the creator of the addon is no longer responding, I will try to join it. Thank you
  8. Hello, Thank you for that answer. In fact, the Resume on load mode allows you to have a visible track, whereas previously it also worked with manual resume. The problem is that in Resume on load, some addons like DCS Navigator no longer work (no trace), while it works in manual Resume. Why did you change something that worked? Thank you
  9. thank you for your reply The latest version of the MB 339 was most certainly built to conform to the real aircraft, but for our Team, the first version is much easier to fly in tight formation. Too bad because the recent version has a lot of corrections, especially on taxiing, braking on the ground. As we cannot include the new ground features on the first version, we will continue to fly on the first version until we find an aircraft that suits us perfectly. Thank you for your wonderful work Jean Pierre
  10. Hello We are an acrobatic team and we fly with the MB 339 first version (V1). With the latest version (V2), there are a lot of differences even if this latest version fits better with reality: - no possibility of setting the trim up or down on an axis (possible on the first version by modifying the file input.lua) - but above all, much lower speeds for the same RPM: RPM: 85 V2: 250 Kts V1: 310 Kts RPM: 90 V2: 300 Kts V1: 400 Kts RPM: 85 V2: 340 Kts V1: 480 Kts RPM: 85 V2: 380 Kts V1: 590 Kts With the V2 version, it is very difficult to regroup after aaerobatic presentation due to la
  11. Hello, We are flying on a multiplayer server with manual release, with the stable version of DCS. Since the upgrade DCS update of 26/08/2019, until the last version DCS of 15/11/2019 included, we have problems with the files tracks. During the replay of the mission, the pilot does not see his plane but see those of other pilots. Curiously, in version of 10/07/2019 and earlier, everything worked well. We thought that the latest DCS would fix the problem, but it is not. Is this bugg taken in the process of resolution by ED and when wi
  12. Hello, Since the new stable version, actually there is a bug where the aircraft not just host, but each pilot's plane is invisible on the track, especially in multiplayer, while other aircraft are visible. Do you intend to fix this bug on the next release? Thank you Jean Pierre
  13. I just found my mistake. Usually, I first run my Freetrack and then DCS and it works. I completely forgot to do that and that is the reason for which DCS was planting. Thank you Jean Pierre
  14. Thanks for the answers. I have an I7 with a dedicated GPU (AMD Radeon 5850). Until today everything worked well. Jean Pierre
  15. Hello, I am on the stable version of DCS I upgraded to update. DCS crash after 5 seconds at startup (visible on task manager). I came back on the stable version DCS still crash after 5 seconds at startup. I performed various manipulations: - rename dcs in C: \ Users \ user \ Saved Games \ DCS.tmp - run DCS_updater cleanup.bat - run DCS_updater repair.bat - downgrade to an earlier restore point because there have been windows 10 updates. For a very long time, I have not made any changes to my DCS. I do not know what to do, does anyone have
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