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  1. I put my name down months ago, but can't find the tracking post. How can I check I'm still on the list? No rush, just thought I'd have heard something by now.
  2. They did: https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/licensed-third-party-projects/heatblur-simulations/dcs-f-14a-b/288278-dcs-f-14-priority-issues
  3. Like what? Nothing in NATOPS that indicates this should happen. It's not a failure either.
  4. No it shouldn't. The tanks are pressurised unless the probe is out or bleeds are off (or weight on wheels IIRC). Unless there's some other obscure information we're missing, it's a bug.
  5. Wouldn't it be 3? We've not had October's update yet. Although that should mean we see something today, but it's been rather quiet...
  6. Excellent. Now, how about an updated version of your carrier landing guide of yours :music_whistling: Thanks for your continued input! :thumbup:
  7. :doh::doh::doh: Forgot I'd downloaded it. Can't find the online version now either. Sorry.
  8. This guide recommends 17. *link deleted*
  9. I'm not forgetting anything. And nothing you said contradicts what I said.
  10. No it can't. At 350kts you'll cover 4nm in 41 seconds. Even with lead breaking overhead the ship, that leaves ~14 second interval between following aircraft, which isn't much.
  11. I never said there wouldn't be any damage. I was responding to the idea that exceeding G limits would definitely result in wings snapping off. Nothing more.
  12. You're still missing some1's point. Depth of field is a result of focal length, something our eyes have to adjust for (the same as a camera) and is one of the ways we perceive depth. Focal length is fixed in VR, so we've lost this information. VR only provides depth perception through stereoscopic vision - it's totally independent of focal length. Whether this makes much difference to the topic at hand is perhaps more up for debate, but the idea that it could seems perfectly possible.
  13. There's a specific reason why the Apache is a challenge to get used to: All the helmet sights we have so far just display a bit of symbology, so very different.
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