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  1. Hello, after last update the F-14 is not within list of airplanes when I want to add unit in mission editor. Any fix on this?
  2. Dear Developers, BASSEL AL-ASAD AIRBASE can you please correct parking on Bassel Al-Asad Airbase? They are not realistic: - Parking 24-27 cannot house Su-27 (only smaller) while Su-27 are normally parked there: Parking 7-23 should also house Su-27. INCLIRLIK AIRBASE Parkings 111, 112, 113 are offset from parking lines. why? Parkings 100-109 only every second parking place used. why? Parking 100-109, 120-114 cannot house A-10 (i know bigger wingspan could collied) but mission creators can only occupy parking places
  3. where do I get the doc? It seems its only paid access?
  4. Hello, I have a question. Do you think you the VIDEO RECORD panel in DCS F/A-18C is reallistic? There is no such panels in NATOPS diagrams nor I have found such panel in any screenshots.
  5. Flappie, I attach my export lua and also BIOS lua. Export.lua BIOS.lua BIOSConfig.lua FA-18C_hornet.lua
  6. Dear all, I found that DCS Bios is causing the FPS drop. Deactivating DCS Bios will increase FPS from stable 32 to 65-75? Any idea how DCS bios slows down the game so much?
  7. 3480x1080 is native for my monitor is https://www.samsung.com/us/computing/monitors/gaming/49--chg90-qled-gaming-monitor-lc49hg90dmnxza/ the strange thing is than stable version is running twice as fast and changing graphics options to lower will not increase performance. I am gonna go try some of your tips.
  8. Hello Guys, I was wondering if somebody could help me optimize DCS. I run DCS world open beta, typically playing F/A-18 on big multiplayer missions. My PC is Intel Core i9-10900k @3.7GHz, 32 GB RAM, GeForce GTX1080, 8GB VRAM and Samsung SSD disk. I play on big samsung monitor resolution C49HG9x with 3840x1080 and second monitor ACER T231H to display intruments. The only mods I use is Track IR, DCS Bios, Hellios and SRS radio. Even on freeflight mission my framerate is around 30 fps same as heavy missions. When I pause the game the frame rate is around 60 fps. I am not saying that 30 f
  9. Hello, I think it would awesome to add ground crew even for start-up (removing chains / chocks), giving hand signals and also that ground guide airplanes to catapults. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=f18+carrier+startup+ Same way that after landing ground guide airplanes to parking position, e.g. moving around to parking with towbars after shutdown, securing with chains and inserting covers, maybe eventually to elevators to clear deck if too crowdy? :)
  10. When placing parked static airplanes e.g. on catapult 1. The AI will normally taxi to catapult and take-off through static airplanes. No collision simulated. Two possible solutions: - better AI should recognize airplane being parked in catapult area and taxi to different catapult - other solution: possibility to disable certain catapult in mission editor so mission creator may place static airplanes on deck and disable catapult
  11. After landing AI airplanes taxi for parking the rear end of the ship, when they park they taxi into landing area (creates fouled deck) before moving backwards. When you create group of airplanes they always foul landing area exactly when jets from same flight are in the groove on short final. Sometimes the planes in the groove wave-off sometimes they land and dont care.
  12. When creating multiple flights to takeoff and return to carrier at same time the AI airplanes from different flights will enter overhead pattern at same time and collide. I have created mission with suppercarrier with 4 flights to test (start from parking): -4 AI F/A-18C lot 20 -4 AI F-14D -1 E2D -1 S3B all took of without problem. The F/A-18 came back first, one of the F/A-18C had to wave-off due to fouled deck (previous F/A-18 parking) and then collide with one of F-14. E2D and S3B collided when entering overhead break at the same time over the ship :)
  13. How about if the DCS modules are paid annually, lets say 10% of purchase price per year. I believe this will give ED money so they dont have to publish new content in order to earn money and can focus to finish published modules. It would also motivate ED to finish modules/add nee features and variants, etc. to keep customers paying subscription... in this way both ED/customers will benefit. I understand that developing something that most people already paid for is not motivating and ED has to do something else to survive... :) i dont mind paying money for good fun. Also option would be to ma
  14. This is an annoying bug. Cant they just fix it? It is not possible to restart hornet :/
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