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  1. I completed the mission. I don`t need any help now :O) Thanks!
  2. Last week I completed this mission without problems. 1. Rolex5-destroy ship 2. F16 will destroy enemy planes 3. Wait for Overlords order to destroy the Mi-8
  3. I like to ask: I can´t complete mission 3 of the georgian hammer with CAS. (3-2-1 is the mission name) Only 50 points after killing all enemies... I directed my troops to the designated area. I can´t complete this mission. What am I doing wrong? Maybe you can help? THX!
  4. Thanks for the help. Flying to the exit range to the designated waypoints, to the base, are the key to manage this mission! Thanks!!!
  5. Thanks very much for the help, I will try to exit the range, next time. Maybe its a good hint ;O))) @gavagei: Some single player missions are very challenging and worth to try. Not all, but the most are very nice, in my opinion!
  6. I like to ask about the F-18 BFM campaign (not the practice campaign): Sometimes, at the end of the mission, I haven`t 100 points. Now I stuck in the 4th. mission. I receive only 50 points... What can I do to earn 100 Points?
  7. Thank you! The Syria Map looks great!!!
  8. Thanks for the link! All right, lets wait for a fix!
  9. I like the 80´s music, because it was a part of my life:O) Thanks for the hint with synthwave. My old synth band was "The Dark Unspoken" I played there guitar years ago. But Meteor is much better :O))) Its a cool feeling flying the F-14 and listen to Meteor :O))) Its me on the picture!
  10. Thanks very much, I`m very happy to have a feedback! Now its time to listen to Meteor :O)
  11. I like to know: is the music from the 80`s or a special developed music for the F-14? And what is the name of the band? It is a cool feature with the tape. It is nice to use, like in real :O)
  12. Thanks for the cool F-14 with onboard Tape deck. I like the music. In the second campaign/mission4 the screen was frozen after pressing Lshift+S. It has stopped dcs world and changed to the desktop. At this point I had 90 points and the mission was nearly completed. I had no crash in the beginning by pressing Lshift +S. BTW: There is no playable B-Side... I thought it helps to post it here and you like keep an eye on it?
  13. I found out where I have to land. (last bridge north) Thanks very much for the exciting entertainment campaign!
  14. I like to ask about mission5! I delivered the first group of soldiers at the road where the convoi is. Where is the next landing point? In the F10 menu: northern bridge at the east end. Where do I have to land, I think I tried every free space and hope the mission continues... Can you help a little bit?
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