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  1. JG78_Plotti, Germany, F-16, Transparent paint scheme please :-)
  2. If you use MOOSE Airboss, there are many files to copy. Its easier to use 7zip and copy the whole directory with drag&drop...
  3. Escorting an AI plane Hi. I want to know if it's possible to script escorting of AI planes. Scenario: There's 1 late-activated AWACS named "AWACS BLUE". If I use SPAWN:New("AWACS BLUE") I get instances called "AWACS BLUE #0001" How can I add an F16 to protect the freshly spawned AWACS? Does the ESCORT Class help with this, or is it possible to simply spawn a Fighter plane and assign the escort task?
  4. Did you try: handle:WayPointFunction(WayPoint,WayPointIndex,WayPointFunction,...) like handle:WayPointFunction(1, 1, myWpImplementation) Normally, files are located in the Mission MIZ file (which is a renamed ZIP). The MIZ file is extracted on mission start, and deleted on leave.
  5. No. Placing units is done in the mission editor. You can use Moose to spawn existing, hidden ("late activation") units. Currently, I didn’t find anything you can do with client planes, except Menu items... Scripting is mostly done for AI units...
  6. 2 Questions I am currently digging into MOOSE Framework, and the new features like the AIRBOSS is working fine. But somehow I've got the feeling that I doesn't understand the DCS LUA Interface: 1.) For all clients, I want to set the bullseye as Waypoint 1. Is this possible at mission start? It looks like Waypoints have to be in the mission file and can only be swapped, but not added. Is this correct? 2.) I want my scripts to be as generic as possible. Therefore I want to a) get a list of airports b.) foreach airport -> Search for "Airportname_GCI" -> If presen
  7. Hi all. I am an experienced (C,C++) programmer, bur new to LUA and DCS scripting. I want to write some basic training missions for beginners, but I get stuck when it comes to routes and waypoints: Mission: At mission start, a (random) route should be created, and this route should be assigned to the flight lead and all wingmen (so that e.g. the NS430 can display the route) Is this possible within DCS? Or do I have to create multiple flight leads with late activation and activate one of them using a trigger? Is there a simple way to copy a flight route to different planes (I know
  8. Please don't get me wrong: My intent of writing the summary was to give newbies like me some information how to get your plane into the air successesfully. Even with a HOTAS joystick, I sometimes break my fingers trying to press all the correct buttons ... :-) Thanks for all of your help, _X_
  9. I have found a youtube video about real SU-33, and I could see that most of your replies do make sense: - If planes were launched from runway 1 and 2, the planes didn't carry any weapons. - Armed planes alway started from runway 3 - Armed planes always carried no more than 4 or 6 missiles I set my starting possion to 3, reduced arnament to 4xR73 and 2x27ER together with ECM pods, and lowered fuel to 80%. Now takeoff works perfectly... Thanks for your help! Best regards, Dirk
  10. Hi all. I've got a strange probleme regarding the carrier takeoff: If I start the carrier takeoff quickstart mission, takeoff is really easy: Throttle to full, no breaks, and the plane is securely flying when the ramp has been passed. But currently, I have created a small mission: - Start from carrier - First engage a Spitfire (gun and small range fighting training) - Second engagement: F18 with no weapons (long range training) - Last engagement: A fully loaded A10-C (evasions, ECM, Flares, ... training) - Return to carrier The problem: I can't take off the carrier if I use the
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