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  1. moin, I just discovered that the target box of the a2a radar is visible in the HMD when it shouldn't be inside the cockpit. Looks like an artefact from the last update. All the best
  2. Unselect the stores and exit via the S-J button. This helped for me...sometimes...if you directly switch to another mode you are stuck...
  3. SirJ

    HUD Sampling

    Have a look at the HUD from the F-14 Tomcat :D There might not be any perceptible difference (never noticed) but you safe quite a lot of computing power...
  4. I guess you found the diff between slamming and low profile approach:pilotfly: There are plenty more buildings which are way higher on the syria map than they seem to be in reality...But maybe we will get a patch for this... Any idea if those buildings are automated or handplaced?
  5. for me the switching to next WP and back works to enable the handoff...but sometimes there is nothing to do...Seems quite random to me
  6. despite the parking lots beeing displayed as factory buildings google says the distance from the threshold to the first building (see picture) is about 540m. given the 2.5° glideslope the building shall have a hight above 23m (540m*sin(2.5°)=23.5m) - which is quite tall and way to big for a building quite close to the runway...also you can see on google earth that there is no building directly on the center line...
  7. gey guys. Today I wanted to approach Ramat David and found a house directly in front of runway 27. maybe you can fix it for the next release. thanks! btw. the roof of the house looks incredible!
  8. to satisfy the process here is my track. But it looks like the mentioned problems above :thumbup: It also doen't change the steerpoints - the coordinates stay the same, it looks like it creates some kind of offset for everywaypoint... Thanks! f16_changed WP after A2G.trk
  9. If you have two engines, the sfc does not change. You have twice the consumption, but also twice as much thrust, so looking at the sfc it crosses out: sfc = FUEL_FLOW / THRUST = 2x FUEL_FLOW / 2x THRUST. You have to multiply the sfc with the thrust to get the fuel consumption, since you want compare the consumption to the fuel available: FUEL_CONSUMPTION / FUEL_AVAIL = TIME I never tried to fly the viper without any bags, but with bags it has longer flying time compared to the hornet. Viper has less fuel bus also is way lighter, has less drag and one engines consumes less
  10. hey guys, any ideas what is happening here? After A/G engagement the steerpoint is waaay off in the HUD as seen in the screenshot below. All the best!
  11. I tried this before on my 9600K... The clock speeds were higher, but the gains with less cores close to yours - it showed no real advantage with this little of improvements... "Results": 1-3 cores showed - although higher clocks - LESS performance - through loading very noticeable and having firefox, chrome or windows ( ;) ) running at the same time gave noticeable dips in fps...1 core no chance, 2 cores were barely playable... Comparing 4 to 6 cores I only loose 100MHz (4.7 vs. 4.6 GHz) show no noticeable difference in fps with slightly longer loading times... Not that detailed but i
  12. you can also hover your tdc on the setting you want to change and TDC depress...Works for bars, azimuth, RWS,TWS etc...
  13. Regarding different frequencies, the F18 radar gets different results for MED and HI-settings...
  14. ED recently released the auto lase function...I got confused as well but here is what works for me: - A2G-Mode, Master Arm on - set laser codes (remember AGM65E use 1111 as default), - arm laster switch, - tgp on target, - move SCS to mav-page (should automaticly slave seeker to target) - press and hold weapon release (takes two seconds) (no need to trigger the laser as it is automatic)
  15. Moin, I don't know how those fix points, to fix the parked AC, are called...But there are too many of them...Looks like the texture is not cropped... best regards
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