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  1. it is either this, or tools to integrate volumetric clouds AND the performance of GPUs got way better to be used in flight sims...
  2. try to use a server to host a mission. I don't have any jitter problems then and heavy missions run way faster...takes 1min to run, but has massive advantages...
  3. I just wondered if there is any meaning to it: no new FLIR system in the video...(just one take of the old/current version) Any ideas what the status of the new implementation is?
  4. Did you try to take off in the opposite direction? Maybe it is some wind stuff? Or slightly left-right sloped runway...or do you use dual throttle? maybe it is not equally advaned... So try removing one thing out of the equation at a time...so you get the reason of this behaviour
  5. It happed to me quite a lot of times...but only at sunset/sunrise...so maybe it is part of the "WIP low sun above the horizon"...
  6. The bouncing and jittering seems to be way more intensive when the sun is low and in MP. SP seems to be worse...but it might be subjective...
  7. 1. Does the F-5E has the same RCS like a Hornet, Eagle or Fulcrum? That is quite interesting... The same detection range of 41nm would indicate a RCS of 3...Since the detection range is directly correlated to the RCS in an all equal scenario. 2. Did you use the 2.7 Update? They changed the hornets detection ranges quite a bit. 3. Regarding the Tomcat - perhaps Jester in AI aircraft is doing some strange stuff...did you set it to the highest AI-Level? 4. What does RWR detection range "China" for the JF-17 mean? You did a good job to get those numbers! Now I will rougly now how far away hot pop-ups are. Thanks!
  8. you can open every mission in the mission editor and apply a weather preset
  9. in Ramat David Airbase most runways feature elevated approach lights - please switch the type towards the runway integrated ones. Most importaint when using the Viper - as it has a quite shallow approach angle with only 2.5°. (The picture is taken with the 2.5° approach path nailed on the touch down aiming point.) Maybe some of the real world fighter pilots might share their two cents. Thanks!
  10. I love those new clouds!! Two things I discovered which I have not seen mentioned before (Syria Map): 1. Overcast and Rain 3: (not seen in any other overcast and Rain preset) In any other than ULTRA-Clouds setting the higher cloud appear in a strange pattern. In pic01_* you can see it. The ULTRA-Setting looks like the middle part of the clouds - no repetitive and strangely angled pattern. The position of those pattern is identical in every nonULTRA setting. 2. Box of detailed Clouds around the plane: It looks like there is a box around the plane in which higher detailed clouds are rendered. The edge seems to stick to the plane. This is way more promenent in motion than on pictures - thus highlighted by the red lining. (pic02* - pic04*) This is present in all Cloud settings, just barely visible in ULTRA, promenent in the other. Until now found in all Overcast and Rain presets. Not tested in the other presets. But again - those clouds are awesome!! All the best f16_cloud_bug.trk
  11. Hey guys, are there any plans to implement the GBU-39 and is it useable on any DCS modules? All the best
  12. so you can still use the Litening Pod...;)
  13. I just observed, that US-Tanker planes cannot takeoff on Beirut RWY 35 without crashing at the building at the end of the runway. (tried 10 planes, all scraped the building. In google earth this building looks like a 2 floor building at most. All the best edit: I reduced the fuel of the tanker to 95% and now they just clear the building by 10ft or so
  14. SirJ


    Hey Amine, you cannot control the SAM in the ME - it is to set up and plan your scenarios. Did you mean. "how can I control SAM's while playing?": There is something called Combined arms, it is needed to take charge of any ground units.
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