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  1. On this screenshot from ED we can see that ECCM is in a box which isn't avaible at the moment so maybe jammer is not that far from us :) https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/upload/iblock/7cd/dcs-world-f18-air-ground-radar-airfield-WIP.jpg
  2. Hello, Am I only one who have really low FPS on supercarrier? My specs are i5-8600k oc to 4.8Ghz, GTX 1060 6gb, 16GB ram 3200mhz, SSD. I get around 25-30 fps on deck. When I take off FPS hits 60-70. These are my settings. What can I change to get more? https://imgur.com/a/6eG9kwM Thanks for any advice.
  3. Okay now it's clear thank you for your answer
  4. Hello, I have a question. What is diffrence between optimal and ballistic weapon release profile. In DSMS it's called SLON - BAL or ORP. I tried to figure it out from manual but there is no real explanation for this. Thank you in advance
  5. So I've got a messege from one user long time ago (i saw it recently): Plus if you buy any modules through steam and later find that you want to use the standalone DCS servers you will have to re-purchase all the modules you already bought. Is it true? I will not be able to play on mulitplayer in DCS when I bought module on Steam and activated it in DCS (non-steam)? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi, I'm totally new to DCS and I want to ask you some question about what plane would be the best. So, 1. I'd like to buy a plane that will last for a long time. After watching some videos I noticed that some planes have clickable cocpits and some haven't. So I'd like the plane with clickable cocpit. I know that A - 10C, AV-8B and F/A - 18C have them and I'm mostly interested in these plane. Which one would be the best for beginner? Which is has best value for money. 2.I can't afford spending 80 dollars now. Are there big sales for planes? About how much discount it will be. And can I expect sales for Christmas? 3. I was looking on offical DCS world website for missions for planes. For example A - 10C. I put in fliters A - 10C, single mission and DCS 2.5 and there are only 7. That's not too much for how much money I will spend for plane. Although when I don't put in any game version there are even 128 missions. So can I use mission which is for DCS: World 1.5 in DCS 2.5? If not can you tell me where I can find missions for DCS 2.5. 4. I don't know yet if I would be able to use payment methods on official DCS website. Can I purchase plane on Steam and then activate it in DCS 2.5? I ask beacsaue on DCS website there is inscription "STEAM Incompatible". PS. I know that I should firstly try playing on free Su-25t. Thanks for all help!
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