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  1. Make Sure you use Chucks Guide to learn it, he just released an update 2 Days ago for it. also beware, this Module could change time by time. Chuck's DCS Tutorial Library - General Tutorials - ED Forums (eagle.ru)
  2. I'm listening to the Meteor Soundtrack currently and just want to say Thank You for the F-14A/B (Jester Lantirn:) ). In my opinion the best Module in this Simulator. Absolutly sexy. Thanks for the great Work you all have done. I also have the Viggen, but i can only read english, hopefully there will be an official mod by you guys, if not I'll learn it somehow in another way. Also i like the style of your Roadmap, short and midtime is keepin it clear, what will happen next time. Very Good Job overall ! A satisfied Customer.
  3. With OC to 5.3 i guess 2-5FPS. keep your 9600k in System, not worth it, if you ask me. I have a 8700k OC @5.0GHz and also thought to upgrade to 9900k, but it aint worth the money i think. As Mr_sukebe said, think about it when it matters of Vulkan in the Future.
  4. thx, but this didn't fix it. But i found another Solution. Change Audio to hear as in helmet. Could someone please check if there is no Voice in english, if this is not set ? Then it was just user error (i dont remind i changed that). Edit 1: Also the loudness of the Voice is very very low. Edit 2: changed Cockpit Sound from 100% to 50% and everything is just fine
  5. Reinstalled Module. Repaired Short and long. (English) Batty isnt talking to me any more. Is there some Kind of loudness knob somewhere? Everything Else works.
  6. Hail to the D Tenacious
  7. I'd buy this plane 1st day in EA, from ED. I've seen Mig-29A comments from ED to be developed someday, and that should happen 1st, because of less red, thats a 1st buy on EA for me too. All FC3 should be HiFi !
  8. My personal Opinion after watching this for near 2 Years now: I'll buy every module from Razbam. When they are out of EA and Bugfree.
  9. i had the same Problem after tuning to cv72 2-3Days ago. DCS Crash, frozen. Full Aerobatics Server (50-60peeps) Closed DCS with Taskmanager.
  10. i want to see an update before Carrier, everything patched wrong is correct before release, If all that works ok. Also the 50% Wodka VR Patch.
  11. Confirming on different Coop Server. Just checked yesterday. Bandit green instead of red, got almost shut down because of this reason. Also Friendly show up red. I rechecked the singnal 2-3 times and suddenly they turned green. No friendly fire, because i was patienced. Sry no track File.
  12. FC3 as usually, full working HiFi like all other Modules. Each.
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