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  1. Who know that there was so many new players
  2. Pretty sure there was an intro video and then then other one The launch video showed the recovery process with what can only described as a male and female robotic voices Do pilot use the term " Holding hands "
  3. You know thats not going to happen ...Right ?
  4. Without wanting to get banned again for mentioning a particular part of the sim that don't work I cant see how you can watch your landings/ take offs from different camera positions in single player
  5. Sadly I think its going to have a long way to go from what we get in early access I hope im wrong? time will tell
  6. Lets hope its changed from the robotic voice I just heard
  7. Haha I thought its available soon I do hope its not just the deck crew and handling that's in early access
  8. Can we see the recovery phase - ie landings , views and comms
  9. Kinda make the super carrier not worth having if you can watch your landings
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