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  1. Mine works now, I normally run the update this morning and installed everything.
  2. I can't update the game I'm getting an error called "Curl error (52): Server returned nothing (no headers, no data)"
  3. Great job love the aircraft!! Thank you!
  4. Thanks for the update! Happy Christmas!
  5. It never exploded to me yet around 20 landings so far, so no idea what's happening
  6. +1, Would be nice for argentine players to have the chance to pick Argentina as a country now that we have the community A-4E
  7. For the external lights you have to set them on the right lower panel and then move the switch on the left hand side of the throttle it's something similar to the A-10c. If you don't have the hotas warthog i'm sure there's a key bind for that in controls.
  8. No worries at all. What I do is the emergency selector, i think it's called, that by default is set to all pylons, I put it to the pylon number i want to jettison and then i press the key that you have to set it i think in controls it's called jettison stores realistic or something like that, or you can use the emerg bomb handle.
  9. Try to download it again, the version called "A-4E-C v1011 (HotfixPreApplied).zip" and then apply the hotfix on that one, that's how i did it and works great.
  10. I missed this a few years ago but I'd say yes love to see it in Falklands Map! :D
  11. It's not working at the moment the rwr, i think it will be functional in the future.
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