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  1. I've just checked mine in the CC at night and everything is working as it should as far as I can tell (latest Open Beta). Are you using the following line in your autoexec.cfg, "options.graphics.stereo_mode_use_shared_parser = true"? If you are, that could well be the cause. It's still WIP and not recommended by ED for use for that reason. I tried it but had too many bad visual effects to continue using it (using a Rift S), even though it did help framerate
  2. No, it looks to be right on the money. http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/fw190/fw190-a8-level-speed-13nov43.jpg
  3. Great video and some nice ideas for small things that would really help content creators make DCS WW2 feel more fleshed out, both for single player and multiplayer. Thank you.
  4. I can confirm, and the bug seems to affect all AI, not just AAA units. Attached is a link to a folder with 2 track files. In the first just after mission start I fly directly over and attack ground units numerous times and they do not fire at any stage. In the second light levels are much higher and I fly directly over an enemy ship, enemy airfields and attack a bomber formation - none of the AI engage at any stage. The same issues were affecting players in all aircraft types, from both coalitions. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1C4KbfBbKLT8RNDoOX9B3F5BGhvHcOj3Y?usp=sharing
  5. Yes please ED. This would really help those building MP missions for WW2.
  6. I'm getting the same today. I'd updated to the latest Open Beta when it first came out with everything working fine until I tried to start up DCS just now. Same warning with Bullguard anti virus having installed the latest virus definitions.
  7. burritto

    PCA/HUD updates

    You should be able to select A-G Guns using the button below the guarded selective jettison button on the PCA (and can then select LEN for slow rate of fire on the button on the top row of the PCA), and then select the HUD into A-G Mode by hitting the Special Modes Fwd, in the same way you now do with bombs and other A-G weapons. Using HOTAS to select the gun will select it as an air to air weapon and put the ac into A-A mode, where Special Modes Fwd has a different function.
  8. With regards to what Pikey was saying, I would expect that an AWACS aircraft that was Link capable would indeed classify tracks and that these would appear on a fighter's screen as hostiles. In much the same way that a call from these AWACS aircraft call hostile aircraft, though the SA building is so much easier with a picture in front of you. In the case of multiplayer, you would have the option of not having an AWACS for those automated calls (and datelined tracks), or having it. I guess if you wanted an AWACS not to contribute to the picture (by having it manned by someone rather than the
  9. It seems a very common misperception that IFF is able to be used as a sole means to declare someone hostile but this is very rarely the case. The decision to declare an aircraft/track as hostile will depend upon the rules of engagement in force, which in turn will depend upon the situation. They are 'operator' decisions, not technological ones. A positive response to IFF will generally mean that the track is a friend, but a non-positive return just means that the status of the track is unknown. It could be hostile, or neutral, or even friendly (as your interrogator may be unserviceable, or
  10. I played through the mission last night and really enjoyed it - thank you so much for spending the time to create it and for sharing it. It really did remind me of real life Red Flag missions all those years ago (back in the '90s for me). I didn't bother with the tanker but took a leisurely cruise up to the hold and it worked out well - the hold and the build up of anticipation waiting for the push especially reminded me of the real life deal, with other formations floating around near 'student gap', and all the chatter with the leading formations.
  11. If there is still space I'd love to join. New to DCS and the F86 so easy meat! Burritto-F86
  12. That is correct. The module isn't quite modelled correctly. In the real aircraft the nosewheel is freely castering (like a shopping trolley), so to turn you apply some differential braking. That will turn the aircraft which in turn will decentre the nosewheel and the aircraft will now turn on that radius without having to apply more braking. To straighten the aircraft out, you apply opposite braking and to stop with the nosewheel straight you need to run the aircraft straight for a few feet. It was a common error for students to line up for take off with the nosewheel slightly off centre whic
  13. I'm very new to DCS but really looking forward to this map set. I spent many detachments flying down there and although the area is quite small in aviation terms, there is enough variety to make it interesting (especially if you include newer facilities). If there is a way to keep everyone happy with both options, then that is great but otherwise, I do think including RAF Mount Pleasant is the most sensible way to go. Having a single 4000ft runway would be quite limiting and Stanley's runway would be too short for the majority of fast air in DCS (it had to be extended and fitted with arrestor
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