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  1. @Chewmann Haven't been in the livery creation game for a while, but got any good reference pictures you can share? Haven't been able to find any good pics online from that time period.
  2. Optics evidently not good enough to tell whether someone is an insurgent with an RPG or a reporter with a camera from about 1000 meters.
  3. I am experiencing the same issue, my log is attached. dcs.log
  4. Same, for me the only tab under Activity Streams that shows anything is "Content I Posted In."
  5. Maybe this is your issue. When JTAC targets a group containing multiple enemy units, he will read out coordinates that describe the approximate location of all members of that group instead of coordinates for one specific enemy. For GBU employment this should not present an issue since the laser will designate one particular unit, but using these coordinates for JDAM is unlikely to result in a hit. To work around it use separate FAC-Assign Group commands for each unit you wish to target.
  6. I don't know if it's related to the new forum, but is anyone else not able to see comments on the User Files?
  7. Fantastic job, the Hornets limited texture resolution has always held back livery creators IMO. Do these larger resolution textures work out of the box and pass IC or do you have to modify other files for them to work?
  8. The latest update adds support for this format, please let me know if you have issues with it as I'm not the most familiar with the Viper.
  9. I'd make sure that none of the export plugin settings haven't changed during the update before anything else.
  10. +1 if we can hide the stick it makes sense to be able to do the same for the throttle.
  11. You're right I'm not sure that'd it be of much use, just wondering if it's actually a real feature or not.
  12. Like I said I know that you can see where the designated target is, but can you see where the TGP is looking on the HUD when no target is selected? It would be sweet if the JHMCS really has this new functionality, but I'm still a bit skeptical.
  13. If I understand correctly, does the JHMCS have a indicator for the where the TGP is pointing independent of the designated target that the HUD lacks?
  14. Thank you for sharing :thumbup:
  15. Thank you for the update, I'll be very interested to see if that D model materializes at some point.
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