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  1. I will have a look. I fly VR and the push to talk for voiceattack is connected to that button. I'll review the keybindings. Thanks again.
  2. thanks for the quick reply...but as I said, it was Horrido that I was having the problem in. No menu is popping up even though it should with the \ key. I have it bound to a hotas control....works everywhere else... but nothing comes up in Horrido so no way of giving commands. Thanks.
  3. What command/keyboard binding is used for the built in radio? I've had issues too. Sorry to sound so dumb about it, but I too have seen the wingmen simply fly in formation and not react to commands. No problems in the wolfpack campaign. Could it be a 2.7 thing?
  4. There may be a problem here because we only know that certain types of missiles and rockets seem to be easily intercepted. My view is that the SAM systems in DCS are probably a little too effective in shooting down incoming AGM's. I've even seen them shoot down an AMMRAM which I don't think is very likely. Shooting down a scud or a med/high altitude cruise missile is also quite possible to intercept but they don't seem to have much of a shot at low altitude fast AGM. Some recent real world examples...the Iranian/Houthi strike in Saudi Arabia with low level cruise missiles that the patriot a
  5. Probably because in real life you don't hang around and press the f6 button to see if it hits. You would only know if the SA shows the radar off...and even then you wouldn't necessarily know if it was hit, or the operator turned it off because they knew they were/or would likely being/be targeted. You might be able to get an educated guess by correlating the TTT and when the radar went off...but if you're busy flying out of a dangerous situation...you probably have other priorities.
  6. Just because you may have a lot of excess power, doesn't mean that you can use it simply to see how fast you're going without consequences. All aircraft have redline markings on the VI. It's 800Iknts for the 16 in DCS and it was the same for the CF-104G. You could go faster at really low level in the 104 but you would start having structural heat problems and likely cause yourself real problems. Unlike the F-16, the 104 wasn't thrust limited at high mach. At M1.2 and high altitude you could really feel the acceleration when you pushed into full AB. Even in a clean f-16 in DCS, I can barely get
  7. All depends on loadout and altitude.
  8. ordered too. just too nice a map and historic theatre not to order. Looking forward to flying over the friendly Syrian skies....
  9. Certain specific displays and numbers can and are often be classified for either tactical or strategic reasons. For example, there are a lot of video's released by various militaries where specific mfd info has been blocked out. Not surprised as someone has decided that the recorded information may allow a hostile intel service to figure some stuff out. The only thing in the old jet I flew that was absolutely verboten to photo, talk about, even admit it was there, was the nuclear consent panel.... for obvious reasons. I think the ED folks have done a good job at producing models from the p
  10. That will be nice as it's an inconvenience as is now.
  11. Best advice and instruction in 3 easy steps :). I've been flying the 16 a lot and I find it not difficult at all to land. I think some folks are used to slamming down on the more forgiving aircraft. I follow the above steps, usually touching down at 160-165 kts indicated. Airbrakes out after TD, and Aero braking until nose drop at 90. I use slight differential brakes to keep it straight as the rudder becomes useless below 90 anyway and if you have non neutral rudder and apply NWS you can easily lose control and veer off the runway. What is challenging is to manage a landing with a heavy fuel l
  12. Finally broke down and bought my first heli...the Huey. Fund and different. I own most of the other modules, but decided to hold off on things that I'm not likely to fly. I like the c-101 and l-39, but I really don't see myself flying them much. Regardless, there are so many choices that I think there's something for everybody. I also picked up tacview to go with DCS as it was on sale too. Now I have another manual to read...oy veh. As to VR, many here have said it...once you do DCS in VR, you won't want to fly any other way. I gave up my trackerIR once I got the Rift-S. I know a few folks
  13. Bozon, You're absolutely correct. In the Sim we are limited by the pixel resolution of the hardware, and this is much lower than real life. Regardless, as someone who has sat in high speed cockpits, the reality is that you can't spot dick at high speed. Try picking out a truck while doing 550 indicated at 500 feet. Unless it's moving (eyes pick up motion) or puffing smoke, it is nearly impossible to spot. That is why there are forward combat controllers and FAC's for fast movers. They mark and indicate targets. The notion of road Recce like what was done in WWII and Korea, really has lost fa
  14. Without knowing the mathematical equation they are using to model how RCS and IR is used, anything we theorize is speculation. The detection by radar of any object is a function of size, shape, materials, atmospheric conditions, radar type of frequency and all sorts of other factors. From what I understand from a radar engineer friend of mine, the RCS's is a base number that is calculated under a standard protocol. Basically, they stick an aircraft on a tall pylon at a known distance and use a standard power on a standard radar type to come up with the published RCS. Don't ask me what those st
  15. The p-47 was remarkably sturdy and came back with punishment that would otherwise bring down other aircraft. It happened to be very good at low level attacks, being able to see targets down low. In fact, many believe that the p-47 was instrumental in stopping and decimating the 6th panzer div in the battle of the bulge. As others have said, it is a different beast to fly. Down low with high boost, any rudder input will swing you, so a fine touch is needed. On the other hand, the 8 guns tend to do a lot of damage. It's not a dogfighter like a spit or the p-51. You have to treat it as an e
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