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  1. Hi. We fly 99% on private servers, on missions we make ourselves. That way we have better control over briefings, plannings, and executions. It also allows for more immersive gameplay.
  2. Recruiting is open for 2 SQN and 3 SQN.
  3. 11TSG recruiting Read more about us above, and at the Recruitment link. //Jarl
  4. 11 TSG is recruiting See above who we are looking for, what you can expect from us and what we expect from you //Jarl
  5. 11 Tactical Strike Group Our mission statement: “Maximize fun and flight time for all members while ensuring that all members of community contribute equally to organize, make and execute DCS multiplayer events.” Who are we? EU centered Coop focused Follow the "Serious Fun"-mentality Dedicated to organizing DCS multiplayer campaigns and missions Seasoned members and mission makers of the DCS community Who are we looking for? We welcome members that focus on one aircraft or fly multiple You prefer to pl
  6. Bump! :) We are recruiting! We might not be the best choice for the newest players, but if you want an honest group to fly with, check us out! ^^ //Jarl
  7. Due to technical issues, our application form has not worked properly :'( Those who have submitted an application for the last 2-3 weeks, could you please re-submit your application? Sorry for the hassle. //Jarl - Recruitment officer 11TSG
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