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  1. When you have enabled the "Hide Control Stick" option under Gameplay, then the pilot's arm in the L-39ZA will be stretched to infinity and have a weird rotating animation. Even when you hide the pilot's body this annoying glitch will still remain for the the arm of the pilot in the backseat and you will be able to see it in the front seat. By deselecting the "Hide Control Stick" this bug dissappears, but I do not like it since this is a global option. Unfortunately, there is no keybinding for the L-39 for hiding the joystick. Btw. the same bug does not happen in the L-3
  2. I have to cancel my MP session today as well. Very frustrating.
  3. I am getting these errors after buying the Fw-190A and Bf-109, which I tried for free a few months ago: I am not able to play with my modules any more. What should I do now?
  4. DCS does not return errors any more for some strange reasons (or only on special occasions). So your code might be faulty even when you have no errors in DCS. First of all make sure that you define a unit table correctly. E.g. pUnit = Group.getByName( "Aircraft Group #001" ):getUnit( 1 )or pUnit = Unit.getByName( "Test Unit #001" )In addition you should write pUnit:getFuel()instead of Unit.getFuel("test")
  5. It takes about 2.5 minutes for the account verification and the loading time. I think the time when the small window with the DCS logo appears is only used for the account verification itself, because the loading screen appears much later and takes less time due to my SSD. See for yourself: In the past DCS launched much quicker for me, but I believe the more modules I own the longer it takes for the account verification. By now I own almost all aircraft. So maybe this issue could be solved by checking only the account itself instead of each module separately. Sorry if this was a bit
  6. Unfortunately, this does not work, because DCS does not recognize any audio device that has been turned on after launching DCS. In my case my headphones "Bose QC35 II" is not even listed the audio options. So I cannot select it manually: Only when I turn them on before launching DCS, my headphones get recognized: I know you guys have more important issues to solve, but since this problem has been newly introduced to DCS-beta just a few months ago, I hope you can fix this easily. Preferably, I would like to turn on my headphones after the DCS launch, because it takes a very lon
  7. How about a subforum for Moose? If all the active Moose-devs had admin-rights for that particular subforum, then you would not need any merged account.
  8. I mean the default sound device in windows. Usually my monitor-speakers are the default device, but when I turn on my headphones, they become the new default sound device automatically. So I have to turn them on before starting DCS in order to hear the sound in my headphones. This issue did not appear before the patches in the last few months.
  9. Hello, I am not sure if someone mentioned it, but when I change my audio device after starting DCS (e.g. turning on my headphones), then I hear no sound as well. Before the 2.5.6 patches I did not have this problem. Other than that I have had no issues so far.
  10. There is also sea flickering, when you add thickness to the fog in the weather-settings. Not sure if this has been reported, yet.
  11. A few months ago the dev picture of a Junkers bomber was published. So can we expect to get it any time soon? Getting at least one German bomber is the most important thing for me regarding the WW2 assets.
  12. Reale Piloten haben ja auch viel mehr Knöpfe in ihrem Cockpit als so ein gewöhnlicher HOTAS-Controller wie die T16000M und die nötige muscle memory, um die ganzen Knöpfe blitzschnell in ihrem Cockpit drücken zu können. Bei mir fehlt sowas, weswegen Voice Attack schon hilfreich ist, wenn man nur ein gewöhnlicher virtueller Piloten ist. Außerdem trägt es etwas zur Immersion bei Jester mit der Stimme steuern zu können.
  13. VA habe ich früher oft im SP in stressigen Situationen verwendet und war sehr zufrieden damit. Man muss es nur richtig üben. Für das Jestermenü sollte man allerdings keine einzelnen Tastencommands verwenden, sondern Tastensequenzen, damit man sich nicht mühsam durch die Menüs durchhangeln muss. Sonst wäre das in stressigen Situationen natürlich nicht so praktikabel.
  14. Yeah, these are good explanations and I had something similar in my mind as well before starting this thread. Still I wanted to know, if there are exceptional situations, when dissimilar wingmen are used in reality, because when I create missions I sometimes consider recreating such situations. They do not usually occure, but they can be good inspirations for mission designers, which is why I am also interested in the reasoning for breaking the usual wingmen-conventions.
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