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  1. Thank you for the picture, nice rig! It looks like the distance between the seat and side panels is very small. I am surprised the seat has space to tilt the full 16 degrees on each side. Please could you tell me the distance between the outer edge of the seat and side panels.
  2. Hi Witwas Thanks for answering my questions. Good to know that the stationary controls and moving seat combination works for you. Your set up seems to strike a balance between comfort and immersion. I agree that being thrown around in a powerful motion rig would not be comfortable for longer sessions! Would it be possible for you to provide some pics of your rig? I am interested to see how much clearance is required between the seat and the controls to allow the full 16 degree movement range (assuming that you have a throttle mounted on the side and a stick mounted on
  3. Thank you sharing your impressions. As you mentioned it's "a niche within a niche" and information relating to motion platforms and flights sims is very scarce. I am interested to know if your flight controls (HOTAS, rudder pedals, etc) are attached to seat mover or is it the seat only? If the latter is true, does it not it feel weird and completely unrealistic to be moving around while your controls are static? Also, the product page for the MS2 states that the motion range is 16 degrees. Do you use the full 16 degrees of range or less? I heard there was
  4. Here is a very simple one to increase HUD / MFCD text size in the A-10C: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=172584
  5. Thank you very much for providing a starting point. I will investigate further....
  6. I am currently using Sim Racing Studio's Power Wind Package. In racing games the left and right fans differentially activate when you turn corners, however, in DCS the fans only respond to aircraft speed. This really does give a sensation of speed and is pretty awesome in VR! I would really like to know how you added lateral G-forces and angle of attack as I would like to develop a similar set up myself. Thanks!
  7. Here is a very simple one to increase HUD / MFCD text size in the A-10C: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=172584
  8. I fly a variety of aircraft in DCS and IL-2 Sturmovik so keeping track of the functions of the many buttons, switches and rotaries for all the associated control schemes is difficult. As my sim rig is general purpose and not built around one particular aircraft, conventional label stickers or permanently engraved / etched labels are not very useful. For my most recent button box, a right hand control panel with toggle switches and rotary encoders, I came up with a flexible labelling system using plastic label inserts. The inserts are easy to prepare and can be quickly swapped out for label
  9. Having recently upgraded to the VKB Gunfighter Mk. III from the Mk. II, here is a brief rundown of the new base and gimbal. Although not a massive improvement over the previous version (which was excellent anyway!) it does have some welcome refinements. The the upgraded electronics in combination with the new aluminium alloy cams feel even more smooth and precise. Changing cams and springs is also less hassle as the gimbal is now much easier to remove. Overall I highly recommend it, but don't rush to get one if you already have the Mk. II, buy the upgrade kit instead!:thumbup:
  10. Good luck with your order, hopefully it won't take a year to arrive!
  11. In agreement with @Supmua the build quality is top notch and the extra buttons, switches and dials will be very useful for DCS.
  12. Quite coincidental that you asked me that, because out of the blue yesterday I finally received it! I really have no idea why it took so long (just over a year!) to be delivered as some people appeared to receive their order after only 3 months. Anyway, I am looking forward to testing it out and will be posting my impressions on YouTube in the near future.
  13. I have also been running my Reverb at 60Hz, it gives a much higher frame rate and smoother experience compared to 90Hz. I could not really see any perceptible drop in quality when moving down to 60Hz so have stuck with it.
  14. This may be of help if you are looking for a collective:
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