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  1. Put together a video of flying the -19 on the server.
  2. MadMaxNZ

    RNZAF Skin?

    Any chance we could get an RNZAF skin? Would be cool to use along with the A-4 Mod.
  3. Arty bugged on Two Towns The Blue arty on the Two Towns mission is bugged, they just fire at the hill infront of them https://imgur.com/a/lXQKHlm
  4. MadMaxNZ


    I was under the impression that the MiG-19P had a rear aspect radar warning receiver. Is it on the version we're getting in the game?
  5. Is glorious soviet engineering Comrade! The Version of the MiG-19 we're getting, the MiG-19P, or Farmer-B, only has two AA-2 missiles that were added late in its production. The RS-2U is used on the MiG-19PM or Farmer-E. However the Farmer-E also had all of its cannons removed so Im glad we're getting the 19P Version
  6. The variant of the MiG-19 that has the K-5 Beamriders was the MiG-19PM or Farmer-E, we're getting The MiG-19P and then later the MiG-19S
  7. Just to double check does the version of the MiG-19P we're getting for DCS have the 23mm or 30mm cannons?
  8. Does the MiG-19P come with any kind of countermeasures or countermeasure pod? As in Flares or Chaff.
  9. I know the P has two K-13 Missiles on it and two cannons while the 19S has no missiles and three cannons, are there any other differences? Like in maneuverability/speed/armament?
  10. Are we going to get the Pakistani version that they armed with sidewinders?
  11. Does the MiG-19 RWR have any kind of range limitations? or can it detect when its being locked no matter what distance away the locking radar is?
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