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  1. Dcs restarts if you change resolution or monitors profiles.
  2. yes I thought to that but if you change plane (mfd to non mfd), you need to restart and change monitor profile & resolution :) I would like to know if someone found someting more confortable but thanks ;)
  3. Hello I have two MFD cougar with LCD, it works fine with F/A-18C, A-10C... For planes/helicopters that don't have MFD, I would like to display a JPG in the MFD to show the shortcuts of button insteat of a black screen. Is there a way to do that ? Thanks :)
  4. Hello doesn't work any more, I always have this at start, if i click OK, it closes
  5. Hi for people who use a raspberry as controller, did you set the raspberry or by default HDMI/VGA input is displayed on the screen? thanks :)
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