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  1. The problem with this kind of video, it is just on how to, it doesn't explain why and what, it is a patch to fill the absence of manual. Like the terminal guidance, what the f*** is that, why and how does it work ? It's just one of many examples of the lack of accurate information. I tried to find information about JDAM in A-10C manual > nothing...
  2. Thanks ! Without touching QTY > no more crash ! I can finally test it :)
  3. Just a question, if for JDAM we can set accurates coordonates (DDMMSS.SS), why cant we do the same for waypoint (target waypoint are DDMM.mmm) ?
  4. the problem is how to have the DDMMSS.SS coors as the map shows DDMMSS
  5. i have no map option, but i find a key (left alt Y) that can switch the coordinates format. The second LAT/LONG seems OK ! There is still an issue with elevation: in meters it is OK, in feet the target is in the air (like it wouldnt convert meter/feet, but just accept the value in meters instead of feet) Anyway, thanks :)
  6. same for me... so assuming that point elev is not QFE but QNH, i entered the elev of the target (5000 ft, near groom lake) > the square on HUD is in the air... Anyway, the coord entered: the square is far from the target coords...
  7. No manual, youtube video by far incompletes, what the point of beta if there are no beta doc ? I made some tests; coord entered in f18 doesnt match dcs map coords...
  8. hello regarding command "scan range xxx", it doesnt validate the distance too here, extended command set is enabled in preferences other idea ? thanks
  9. yes but the window is very small
  10. Hello About the paintscheme, when we are in the editor, is there a way to have a bigger view of the plane with selected paint ? thanks
  11. Hello When the VDI is in red, it is not exported. No problem when it's green. Green > OK Red > NO OK Thanks,
  12. yes it is normal, exemple at 4 min 15 Explanations:
  13. same for me, Jester menu is centered on global resolution, not the main screen
  14. I waited end of presales of the F14 to use my bonus... And now I see I cant use my bonus (again)... This bonus system is useless, they should remove it...
  15. Yeah but manual is part of the product and mandatory to understand the how to. I can't imagine myself telling my customer I didn't update the documentation because it is cumbersome.
  16. Hello, Is your manual updated with past weeks added features ? (harm, datalink, fuz how to with Mk...) After repair, english manual is from 02/14/19. Thanks,
  17. Hi Just bought the Gazelle and same problem. Lot of functions mapped to joystick buttons (TM Warthog) can't toggle, they move but come back to position.
  18. but it seems there is a problem with elevation at a point, 1 waypoint, 3 elevations differents: - the real elevation 0ft AGL - the one you can set in the editor (superior to 0ft AGL), impossible to set it under 98ft - the one your plane displays in data hsi ( superior to the one set in the editor), in a test, it displays 127ft In that case Target Point can't be accurate. If the AGL of the point is 10 ft (height of a truck), editor and plane data HSI should display the same elevation. For Elevation wpt in F18 Hsi on screen Data osb (top of hsi) Right side move waypoint # to the # you want to edit. For now just move it to 1 to edit the first waypoint UFC osb (left side of hsi) Go to the ufc (up front controller) Click elev : Click M for elevation in Meter or Click F for elecation in feet Enter the value with keypad UFC and press Enter
  19. Have a look at this post: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=213459
  20. absolutely, but the reality is simulated, so there can be errors or weird things ;)
  21. hello I don't know if there is a connection. In the editor, I set target on ground: 33ft Then I change elevation waypoint to 33ft As soon as I click elsewhere, elevation waypoint comes back to 98ft And something weird, when I start mission with F18, by the elevation waypoint is 39M (127ft) And need to reset elevation wpt in the F18 data HSI to have something more accurate, but not perfect. The mission test file is 6Mo, https://www.dropbox.com/s/7mtpnsi1uo48425/%5BGL%5D%20batumi-v1.00%20test.miz?dl=0 thanks
  22. ok thanks i will make test different/speed-alt, and compare mk-82 / mk-83
  23. same problem here. In mission editor: qnh 30.30, target alt: 33ft, waypoint exactly on target: impossible to set it lower than 98ft AGL or 131 ft MSL (i'm near the sea) In F/A-18C: the waypoint is 39M (127 ft), qnh 30.30 Speed 375 knts, alt radar 560 ft Bombs are 100/150 ft too longs (MK 82 SE, RET), if i set alt waypoint at 33f, it becomes better. No problem with CCIP.
  24. it works fine with helios, and no need to restart DCS when changing airplane, thanks :)
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