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  1. Check if you still have AA guns enabled. AFAIK they lock the range at 5nm.
  2. +1 80€ each or 120€ both would be ok for me. (that's a lie but don't tell...Heatblur?)
  3. Absolutely. The Phantom in 2 variants (Heatblur style) would be prefect. Have to agree with @QuiGon this thread makes it even harder to wait for the F-4.
  4. So for those rare people you decided to go against all valid points of the rest of the Phantom fans?
  5. With easy comms set to OFF the comms menu key does work on the ground but not in the air. When airborne you have to use the keybinds of comm switch(es) of the aircraft. There are several threads discussing this and some people find this is not a problem. Threads like yours prove the opposite.
  6. I would wait for Intel's Alder Lake and DDR5 in October to compare it to 11th gen in DCS.
  7. Intels Alder Lake soll doch schon im Oktober kommen mit DDR5 RAM. Wenn Geld keine Rolle spielt...
  8. WAIT! I've found the reason for the cloud layer "issue". It has nothing to do with climbing+descending through the layer. Every 160 seconds (or so, less then 3 minutes) it fades away. AND: it comes back again after a similar period of time. This seems to be intended. Not too realistic but I'm ok with that. And it explains why I sometimes needed 6 tries. See a track recorded with time acceleration in active pause: Thanks for your help @flappie! You've been pushing me to the truth. FA-18C 2.7.5 clouds disappear 05 Caucasus.trk
  9. oh, sry, I wasn't aware that VR tracks look different on 2D. Here is a 2D track. The top cloud layer disappeared after the second descent. FA-18C 2.7.5 clouds disappear 04 Marianas.trk
  10. thank you very much @Flappie for taking the time to help me. I just watched your track and I see no issue. The cloud layer is there. But that's no surprise. I understand that you did not read the OP again after all those weeks. So I just want to remind that "cloud layer does not disappear while slewing through the layer with F11 free cam." BUT: here comes the issue. When I take control of your Hornet in your track and I do what I described above: climbing to 42k ft and descending to whatever below 40K ft i see this: no cloud layer at 40k ft anymore, that was there as long as I stayed below it. Watch my altitude: 28k ft. The layer at 40k should be visable but it's gone and does not come back (AFAIK). What makes it hard to reproduce is: usually you need 3-6 climbs+descents through the upper thin cloud layer, but with our tracks of the dafault Mariana Free flight mission I needed just 1 climb+descent. So, if I may ask you a last favour: Plz take your track's Hornet and do some climbs and descents up to 42k+ ft down to 25-35k ft and tell me plz whether your upper cloud layer is still there in the end. Thank you for your kind help!
  11. DCS - 18.08.2021 nose wheel is back, but it still hovers some inches above the ground like screenshosts in OP show.
  12. I can reproduce this issue on Caucasus, NTTR, Marianas (haven't tried others yet) here is a new track of the default Marianas Freeflight Mission. This time the cloud layer at 40k ft disappeared on the first try. Plz tell me whether you see the 40k layer at the end of my track from aircraft-altitude of 25k to 28k or not. (What happens in the track: airborne start -> climb to 42k ft -> descent to 25k, that's all. you may use time accel.) FA-18C 2.7.5 clouds disappear 03 Marianas.trk
  13. DCS - 18.08.2021 I can still make the upper thin cloud layer (e.g. at 30k ft) go away by climbing and descending thruogh it (3 to 5 times). I repeat, it is not like the layer is just hard to see but it is gone and does not come back. Like in the 2 screenshots of my last post made from same altitude in the same flight. Do you need another track?
  14. Jo... die Niesche in der Niesche in der Niesche ist halt auch eng
  15. The day when all crying is done will come:
  16. CBU-97. Is there another valid answer?
  17. there are AA TACAN issues. see this thread plz:
  18. I wonder what nickname the pilots would give a plane that's called F-CK-1 officially. Had to Google to find out that this thread's title is meant seriously. You live... you learn. Thanks.
  19. there are even (real) pics of the 30+45 from the TaktLwG 74 (former "Mölders"). so it seems they can't do a "wrong" livery for it
  20. I like every single word of that post but can only give 1 like.
  21. thanks. but they should not give anything (and of course not bearing only) when i switch from "Y" to "X" on the receiver's side anyway.
  22. I checked that and easy comms and other radio helper are off in the DCS core settings (and of course in the mission). you can define that behaviour as intended then it is "as intended" but it is not intuitive and not logical. And it is a problem for new users that start with easy comms "on" and go to easy comms "off" or multiplayer server. A lot threads like this one prove it. As I encountered this issue months ago, nobody on the multiplayer server could help me btw. (A bad thing: when you find out that comms menu is not working as you head for the tanker. )
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