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  1. do you run multiple monitors in game? i do and was having this issue as well as a mismatch of map coordinates. switched to a single monitor set up and both problems went away.
  2. also may be related to multimonitor set ups. i run 4 monitors in game. when i switched to a single monitor set up the problem went away.
  3. There seems to be a bug with coords on the F10 view in game. you can't tell in the SS because it did not capture the cursor but it is over Kutaisi. Compare the Coords on the Airdrome data to the coords in the top left of the map info bar. ME does not seem to be affected.
  4. actually you press and hold the pickle button. laser will fire, maverick will lock, then it will launch. no need to press it twice.
  5. Help with cockpit texture Help with cockpit texture. i have edited the BuNo previously on other hornet liveries with no issues but with a new install of PS and the latest DDS plugin from NVidia i get this when the instrument lights are on. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I'm gonna jump in on this one as well. last night flew with a res of 10880x1080 just fine. had to do some editing to my monitor lua to reposition a couple exports and got the same error. narrows it down to the resolution. i can set 7680x1080 just fine if i go to 9600x1080 the error returns. dcs.zip
  7. while i don't know what your set up is like but here's something outside the box. while there are some comfy PC/desk chairs out there they tend to be on the pricey side. then there is their durability some just aren't made to hold up, especially if go for the cheap ones. now this approach may not be for everyone but when i decided to build my sim pit i had to decide to what i was gonna use for a seat. what i chose has quite possibly been the most comfortable seat i have ever had for gaming. i went down to one of the local junk yards and got a seat out of a junked car. $60 for a pontiac sunfire
  8. LTD/R switch to arm, AG mode, Box TRIG on FLIR page, Pull the trigger. currently we have latching mode so you do not have to hold the trigger but you do have to pull the trigger again after impact to turn laser off. while the laser is firing you will get LTD/R top center of the flir page, when not firing L ARM will be displayed instead.
  9. Bones1775

    Mk83 AIR

    Would love for Mk83 AIRs to be added to the Hornet stores list
  10. here is ED's answer and unfortunate it is. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=269486
  11. As the title says. i hope this is not supposed to be the correct behavior as it was not before the introduction of the slave to WP and VV modes. this makes TOO with INS weapons very time consuming and frustrating. i have not seen this reported elsewhere so i hope it is not an issue on my end. TGP undesignate to boresight.trk
  12. We will train you, but you MUST be able to make 2000\8PM EST on Tuesdays or Thursdays each week. We understand real life comes up, but making those times frequently is vital to us flying and fighting as a wing.
  13. Anyone else having this problem. lights way to bright
  14. here's another track of CV difficulties https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GyNzc4GTNRo3x0rUbAbqjbwbsOwkrKE_
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