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  1. Oh, not till the 27th... I thought it would be much sooner due to the videos Wags posted at the start of the month
  2. Its been abit since I've looked forward to a patch update.. and I can't remember when DCS normally drop ? Is it tuesdays or Mondays
  3. Mine are working fine, I just don't have control of them when they dive, and before someone says have you put the TDC on the DL page yes the little diamond is there
  4. In other news, at 1.16mach @40,000ft I looked up a Mig in TWS and fired a 120c @50nm way and got a hit!! When did they change up the 120c range poor Mig didn't even get a shot off 120c hit home and he was still 18nm away from me
  5. This is the 3rd bug of this posted, use the search bar..
  6. So I think I might have found a bug I've made a mission where start time is 1815 Zulu I take off from the carrier conduct a fighter sweep shoot down a MIG on my way back I then call up the carrier who instruct me for a case 1, get to the carrier start to conduct the case one however halfway through this no longer get the Charlie call from paddles therefore I needed to cancel my case 1 recovery and and try for a case 3 however on case 3 when radio and platform I no longer hear from paddles I can ducted the case 3 anyway landed trapped however did not get a grading from the lso due to improper C
  7. got my first Case III ok landing just now :joystick:
  8. Try land the F14 and you will hear him yelling at you :) Power power POWER
  9. Yes I'm having a hole lot of trouble getting a OK.. landing most of my traps are C or _-_ but no OK's
  10. Ok well my wing man is now sick of swimming and is now flying up wing more after I break and he lands about 20-30secs after me, I hit kiss off right before 1 break at 1.0nm on the up wind
  11. When do you tell flight to kiss off, I've been doing it, on the up wind as I fly over boat but my wing man keeps diving into the sea?
  12. I'm getting wave off if I'm too high, but thats how I land... I used to get 2 wire every time now I'm getting to high and fast 4 wire
  13. Well I heard people say it will not come when there is a sale, and it's still on sale
  14. I remember wags saying in the mission editor video for supercarrier that they would be working on the S3-B and AH60 models
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