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  1. As the title states I get the Mission Complete message before I get to the runway on mission 12. It comes up about when the last F-4 is taking off. Not a big deal just thought I would let you know.
  2. I'm not sure if this is your problem or ED's but the wingman is useless on this mission. I have tried every attack command and he won't engage any target. Then he flies off almost back to base and is shot down by a non existent SAM, (this might be intentional, not sure) or sometime flies off to the north and says he is OK but is still no help attacking the target. Also I think there is a copied over voice over that I get sometimes about, the skies are clear and it's raining migs, but I don't get any migs. I've checked the trackview and don't see anything. I know that I heard this line on an earlier mission so I'm guessing it just got copied. And something else I've noticed through all the missions I have played so far, the triggers seem a little tight around waypoints for a plane without any GPS/INS nav. I know personally I occasionally miss them, it is usually just a voice over so not a huge deal but I thought I would throw that out there. Thank You for the campaign I have been hoping for something like this for the F-5
  3. It might have been something going on with my PC. I have not had any problems today but I will attach the log file anyway. Sorry if I jumped the gun. dcs.log-20201004-203137.zip
  4. I am getting some intermittent ground texture issues since last OB update. I have gotten blocks or strips of terrain that look all one color or like streaks, I have also had airfields where the pavement is streaked or missing elements such as lines. It hasn't been every mission that I have done including replayed missions sometimes it corrects itself in mission but most of the time once it starts it will be through the entire mission. I have only been using the Viggen on the Caucuses map so I am not sure about other maps/modules. I will try some others tomorrow. I tried doing a repair with no change and the only mod currently installed is the MB339 mod.
  5. Thanks... I searched but I guess not for the right stuff.
  6. It seems to function as if there were tires on the plane but they are invisible. I tried a repair and it still seems to do it. I am running OB.
  7. I found these This is from the the USAF museum P-47D And these 2 I found someone posted of a restored P-47D "Hairless Joe" @ Tillamook Air Museum. Both planes have the Intercooler indicator and switch on top. And the Oil Cooler and Switch on the Bottom.
  8. For the mission Ground Cleanup for the Syria map, the other A-10's do not appear on the TAD. It can make rejoining difficult sometimes. F-16's and AWACS show up fine. The EPLRS function needs to be turned on in the mission editor.
  9. That is kinda what I am trying to say maybe on some missions you need to throw into the notes which cat to use. Again using Mission 6 as an example the popup message says that you press spacebar to do comm checks then 410 will follow you to the cats and the next plane 30 secs later and the forth 30secs after that. But when I flew the mission as soon as I went to move 410 almost immediately started to move to cat 4 so the first time I tried the mission I went to cat 2 but one of the other 2 wingmen wanted cat 2 but because he was hooked up to the cat when the crowd popped up he was left frozen on the deck. So after that I realized that cat 3 was the open cat so I went there but because 410 moves at the same time as the user, I couldn't get to cat 3 before 410 got to cat 4 and once cat 4 is occupied SC gives you the message that you have to wait until cat 4 launches to hook up. So then I got caught by the crowd trigger and I got stuck on the cat. So I had to play the mission once just to find out I needed to use cat 3. For another example and I appologize I don't remember exactly which mission it was but is was one of the first 3 my wingman launched before I did and he RTB'd right after launch. I understand that there are work arounds for these issues, I just thought throwing a comment in the notes would be a fairly simple solution to address some of these issues. This has been a great campaign and you do a great job, I was just trying to help a bit.
  10. I'm not sure if I am missing something but I have noticed a couple times now that some missions if you either go to a cat that an AI wingman wants or if you get launched after a wingman, except when you are supposed to take off after, it sometimes breaks the AI and either the wingman doesn't launch or will launch and immediately RTB. I specifically noticed it just now on Mission 6 where when taxiing to the cat, if I go anywhere but cat 3 I'll only get 2 of my wingmen and #3 usually just lines up but never launches. One time he disappeared from the deck not sure where he went. If there is a particular cat that a wingman is going to use or if the user needs to go to a certain cat, it might be good to put it in the notes. Unless of course if I am just screwing up or missing something. Edit As for mission 6, I think that the issue is that when the crowd spawns something happens where the ship like hiccups for a second and the cats get reset. And if the plane is already hooked up it just freezes where it is. I played through the mission again and had this happen to my plane just as I was about to launch and got stuck on the cat. Ran through again after that just to make sure the same thing happened at the same time. I think if you delay the crowd trigger for another min or 2 it will prevent this from happening to both the player and the AI.
  11. I wanted to add some minor things I noticed about also about this mission.
  12. +1 --- please, please, please add pushback
  13. I got the book on Audible and was thinking of going through the book and the missions simultaneously as to limit spoilers, do you have anything that identifies what chapters match up to missions? That way I know where to stop the book and fly the mission. Thanks for all your great campaigns, I've enjoyed every one.
  14. I'm not sure if it is an issue because of the recent map updates but on Mission 2 wingmen 3 and 4 won't take off due to the fuel truck placed between planes 2 and 3. I moved the truck in the mission editor for myself but figured I should mention it so that you can make a permanent fix.
  15. Well that seems to have fixed the issue. That was weird. Thank You
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