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  1. Thanks Drac. I don't understand why they changed that, the promotions don't reflect real world military aviation.
  2. I can't seem to find the countries.lua file in Scripts - Database? anyone know where it went? I don't want my pilot promoted to a salty colonel and relegated to a desk job because he's an old fart! Wait a minute, I am an old fart, nevertheless, lieutenants get all the babes not colonels ! Any help would be appreciated, Hammer_251
  3. Oops, I wanted this in the Screenshot main page, well page 358 or whatever.. Could Admin move it over there for me, I'm a neanderthal!
  4. No reason why we shouldn't model China Lake and Fallon, Bicycle Lake (for A-10's) and Kingman in Arizona for casual flying. I love this map. Edwards Air Force Base is also there and waiting to be created! What a map it would be! Never knew what a Joshua tree was till I flew this map, go figure!!!
  5. Well I downloaded a fresh install, everything seems fine however sometimes when I want to PREPARE a flight via the Mission Editor, instead of landing in my Spitfire, I get the f10 screen? Is this a recent development? Or did I goof?
  6. True Rudel, nice to get the new eye candy though. Thanx for the reply.
  7. :thumbup: Ever since 2.56, I sometimes have to restart the application several times before I can even see the Main Screen. Lately I have been playing mostly WWII Spitfire stuff and I must say apart from the comms not working (never have), I can't choose some parking spots at all via the ME menu and planes that are parked in designated spots end up entirely somewhere else on the airfield. The game will even change the paintscheme on you! Yes this is the OPEN BETA version, YES I am fully aware of what that means... nevertheless at the very least we should be able to run the application once n
  8. Here!!! Here!!! Jedi Transition, China Lake, Fallon, Edwards AFB, and Bicycle Lake for the Army!!!
  9. Oh yeah!!! Bring it on, BABY!!! SHAKE N Bake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Great stuff! Getting ready to lock and load this one, love the detail and the extras. Keep'em comin'!!!
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