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  1. +1 I feel the same. GRs put out so much stuff there is inevitably some lower quality, glossed over, or inaccurate bits among it. However they seem to always try to correct the errors where they can. And more importantly, they cover a lot of stuff that no one else does. I have no problem watching GR vids. Take them for what they are and make good use of the info they put out.
  2. I have had the same reduction of radio messages post 2.7. I've tested it over a number of modules (including FC3 planes). The messages became almost too quiet to be able to distinguish what was said against the normal background noise. I've had to turn up the master volume, reduce the world volume and in cockpit volume, and max out the helmet volume to make messages audible without blowing out my eardrums in other views.
  3. Just wanted to say thanks for being so proactive with the post patch problem solving / info sharing. It's why Heatblur is my favourite third party developer ... by far. You guys clearly care about your product, and your customers. cheers
  4. Right that's where you want to be. Double click on the axis you want to add buttons to: Then choose which areas of the axis travel you want to activate the buttons, and save: Then Save to VPC Device: Then check which buttons were assigned by moving the axis and watching to see which buttons activate: Then finally, make sure that button on the Physical buttons state list is assigned to a logical button which is what your game will see: And Save to VPC Device once mor
  5. You should be able to assign buttons to all the axes I think - all the same way. Why do you say you are limited? -just select the axis you want to use -then tick the boxes for the 'region of axis throw' you want to activate the button(s) (eg. 0-5%, 81-100%, whatever) -'write to rom' (or whatever it's called) -then look at the physical buttons table to see which ones were created (by moving your axis), and assign them to a logical button
  6. Thanks for the reply. Okay, I was able to setup axis-to-buttons on the VKB ministick - was easier than I expected, you just have to use a bit of guess work to find the right axes. So now I can use either ministick as both a hat and axes. I will try using the CM3 ministick as TDC. This at least should be closer to actual HOTAS on the hog, hornet, and viper I believe. My lower central MCG hat is my Tomcat weapons select. I find assigning all the needed controls to an appropriate button which I can easily use AND REMEMBER one of the biggest hurdles (read:headaches) in DCS.
  7. The VKB axis-to-button function is far less easy to figure out, for me. I was able to assign buttons to the rudder axis, but I haven't sorted it out for any of the others. Maybe I will have to have another go at turning it into a normal HAT. The Alpha's scroll wheel is a great addition - would love to have something like that.
  8. Excellent! I will have to try it for TDC to see if it feels better than the MCG. I really don't know how else to use the MCG stick though ... DLC on the Tomcat I suppose (I have still never found a use for the Master Mode axes thing). I love the Virpil axis-to-button feature! I also have buttons on pretty much every axis - flaps, zoom buttons, engine cutoff, external view. Also I find the Virpil software a thousand times more intuitive to use than the VKB stuff. My only current issue is that some of the axis-to-buttons won't work in toggle-on mode, but only in nor
  9. I believe I just used the axis-to-button function and assigned buttons to the 0-20% and the 81-100% of both mini stick axes, and then assigned those buttons to Move Right Slow, Move Up Slow, etc (or whatever those camera controls are called - the same as the Numpad default assignments). The X-65F has a tiny mouse controller stick on it. It was too inaccurate to use for pressing buttons, but worked well enough for slewing the exterior camera. I was surprised how much I missed it when I switched to the Virpil .
  10. Glad you got your throttle back in time for the big 2.7 drop! Do you prefer to use the throttle stick for TDC vs the one on joystick? My old throttle (x-65) didn't have a useable stick, so I've always used the one on the MCG. Right now I use the CM3 stick for rotating F2 view and not much else - haven't reassigned anything yet to try it, too loathe to mix up my controls - but I'm wondering if it's better as TDC than the MCG stick.
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