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  1. I'm impatiently waiting for the Harrier to get its reported DMT and TDC bugs sorted before I think about investing time in there. Also, apparently many of the excellent training missions are now broken and there is no manual yet. Otherwise I'd be definitely learning the Harrier. I have been waiting on that for years now.
  2. Hornet will do everything very competently - I just find it boring to fly, and tedious to operate. It may be my least favorite cockpit in the game. I'm the same kind of player, too many modules, not enough skill. But I also enjoy ground pounding in planes that weren't specifically designed for it, or at least doing it without staring at a targetting pod screen the whole mission. Find a plane you like to spend time in and go from there. It's supposed to be enjoyable fun after all.
  3. I don't find Liberation performance to be noticeably bad. I don't play VR though. I turned off infantry troops and arty, and I was running an i5 6600k. It died last week and I upgraded to a 5600x, but I haven't had time to run Liberation since then to test it. As for AI, unfortunately DCS AI is pretty bad in everything. Liberation can't use triggers to help fix some of their shortcomings, but apart from that, it's the same as any DCS mission as far as I can tell. I think it's one of the best options for DCS at the moment.
  4. It takes ages and ages for new content to come out (like years). Check out how many campaigns are available for PG. The problem is partly that everyone has Caucasus and far fewer people have the other maps. So most people still make missions just for Caucasus. It is one of DCSs major design deficiencies. I agree though, Syria and Channel are really the best maps - not only in quality, but also they make the most sense realistically for the aircraft we have. ED doesn't do content. They leave that for others to fill in - which drives me crazy. However, Liber
  5. I already went for it, having owned the module for a couple of years now. For me the limited resource is time to invest in a module. All the things you describe lead me to think that my time is still better invested elsewhere. I'm Baltic Dragon's biggest supporter (at least in my head), but if the module still doesn't have a manual (what's the state of the training missions two years on?)... it says a lot about the developers' attitude toward their patrons. This is in no way a comment on BD - his training missions are the envy of every other module. But if the state of unfinish
  6. I'm in the exact same boat and wondering the same thing. Are the training missions working? Is the module working well enough that I can learn it and know when I'm doing something wrong vs it just being another bug? Cheers
  7. Assign a key for pause/unpause Track IR (in the TrackIR software). Then just pause Track IR, adjust your view position and save it, unpause Track IR - all without ever leaving the game.
  8. Nice one! I have been repurposing some F-15C and Mirage campaigns for the Viper. This is a welcome addition, thanks for this.
  9. Thanks man. You are one of the most helpful people on this board. I always enjoy reading your contributions. Cheers
  10. The Hornet is capable, but not necessarily fun. Everyone has their own preference. For me, the Hornet feels more like homework or doing taxes. I get far more enjoyment from flying the Spitfire, the Huey, especially the Tomcat, the Viper, the Fagot, and the Fishbed - if that helps to illustrate the point.
  11. Sounds like they didn't fully understand the problem and assumed the first threads are stripped (reasonable assumption), instead of threads deeper down - which logically seems unlikely. Very weird situation. I hope you can sort it out easily and I look forward to finding out the solution.
  12. Yes, that's a concern I have too. I fly the helos and warbirds as much as the Viper and Tomcat. When I first saw the CM3 announcement video I was a little disappointed that the detents needed a wrench to change. I'm not sure how well any of the detents would work when using the throttle as a collective. And aside from the time to unbolt and rebolt, I'm a bit worried about the wear and tear that continual changing might inflict on the mechanism. But I'm glad that all other aspects meet expectation. There isn't yet any other alternative that I would consider getting. Thanks much for
  13. The wise course of action, I think. Many times in the past I've thought "what could go wrong," only to then find out precisely what.
  14. Okay thanks. I hope the issue with your screw is easily solvable. Have you tried unbolting the detent channel from the body to see if there's a foreign obstruction underneath?
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