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  1. Had a chuckle as I imagined all my weapons going off on their own. Glad you got it sorted quickly
  2. I found this after a bit more deepening my dive in the search results. Some interesting comments on the saturation .
  3. TobiasA, I feel your pain as I have been struggling with the brakes for a really long time. I also was doing the Takeoffs with brakes applied for a while, (figured to check all other bindings and the inversion button in Axis Tune finally). No matter how I set the slider with custom / linear / curves / saturation etc. I just cant get them to work in an acceptable way. I am also not using any external apps for any controllers. and the pedals are the Logitec Pro Flight Rudder Pedals. I am searching for a smooth wheel brake map if anyone has one where they don't engage at the
  4. Nick Grey interview with Grim Reapers explains all these questions. Very well done interview, sheds alot of light and makes a ton of sense why ED does what they do.
  5. If I remember correctly, push "squelch" to silence it
  6. I NEED this in my life. Please add me to the list
  7. Had this last night. (post patch) at 500 ft and starting about 490 kts (becomes more extreme as airspeed increases) the rudder starts overcompensating after any type input (especially roll) and causes Yaw oscillation until I reduce airspeed back below the onset speed. I went to external view looking up the tail pipe and watched the rudder doing this.
  8. I have the same issue on the ever slow roll to the left. have been using rudder trim (just 2 clicks on mouse wheel, ever so slight) to get rid of it. In cruise i noticed the Velocity Vector set on a point on the horizon slowly going to the right along with the roll to the left.
  9. I clearly understood what Early Access meant when I SMSHED the BUY button. Please don't loose sight of that
  10. I had the same issue as OP. Everything showed fine in controllers in windows, but did not work correctly in game. My fix came from unplugging my TMWH Stick and Throttle and plugging them back in after a couple seconds. Note that after the initial download and first run of the module everything was fine. My problems started on the second time I started the game and subsequent attempts until I unplugged / plugged my controllers back in. I can now assign commands, but I lost the pre configured commands that came with the module. This also happened with my A-10 UFC (Buddyfox). Hope this
  11. My exports and cockpit displays are extreamly dark also. Brightness, gain etc.. seems to have zero effect.
  12. Had em park IN me at the end. had flight go loose trail inbound to the boat, no issues or conflicts in the pattern.
  13. Noticed in Wagg's AGM-88C HARM video his Radar Designator is yellow...:thumbup:
  14. So, my X56 stick was jittering in the X axis near center. Normal Re-calibration was having zero effect. I had uninstalled and reinstalled drivers, MadCats software, Logitech HUD... all to no solution After hours scouring the mighty Youtube and Dark Web, I ran across this bit of info off the now defunct Saitek site.(was redirected to Logitech) Unfortunately I don't know and have not found the Registry edit this talks about and I don't need to at this time. This "Factory Reset" did the trick and I am now smooth again. Hopefully you did a search and found this right away. https://support.
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