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  1. Guys, I would just like to say thankyou for the discussion and its great to see the passion we have to make the F-18 as realistic as possible. Lets hope ED notices this and tries to spend some time on the IFF systems and explanations.
  2. Its a pity that this is not explained very well in any of the DCS documents or manuals. Wags did not know much about this either. Thanks for all your help.
  3. Looking for F-16, F-18, F-15 and F-14 Pilots Hello all! We are a virtual coalition group under the name DCS ANZUS a group based on the Australia, New Zealand and United states defence treaty. ANZUS is currently recruiting for F-14, F 18, F-15, F-16 pilots AND ATC Controllers, whether you are new or experienced! Our goal is to operate as close as possible to the Royal Australian Air Force and United States Navy. We operate in AEST and EST time zones and welcome all members of all countries. What can you expect out of us? We run a 24/7 Dedicated Server that is config
  4. Thanks Mate, I will test that out. At least I now know how to set the Squark code into Mode 3 if ever requested.
  5. Thank everyone for the responses. "XP is Transponder - the modes your IFF will squawk to others. You can set codes for modes 1,2,3( and 3A), and either A or B mode 4." In missions/multiplayer servers, do we ever need to set our own Squark codes for modes in the above comment?
  6. Hi Guys, I only just noticed that if you turn the IFF on it is set to XP mode, and if you hit Iff again it changes to AI mode. Does anyone know the difference in modes?
  7. Hi, Just thinking it would be good if we could go and change settings/Environment of a live server. If there a two f-18 flying around I could go in, place a truck not far from them and task them with destroying the truck or have a two ship pop up surprise attack set upon them etc
  8. Hi Guys, With the different options now available, it would be good to know the proper procedures that F-18 pilots follow to align in Normal R/L Startup VS Scramble Startup
  9. Hi Guys, Just wondering if in the F-18 the TDC will be scripted to select the settings on the pages such as the SA page. I know it can be used to select the distance view in the Attackradar page but nothing else. If this is all it does in real life then thats ok. Would be good to select those settings without taking hands off.
  10. Hi Ian, Sorry as I have deleted the Slave and master script and will use two Arduino via USB Hub. To try and make things clear, I had the master set up using the RS 485 Chip and the Slave set up using another RS 485 Chip in which they communiacted to each other. The display I am using will run all the UFC Menu items and selector icons such as ; void onUfcOptionDisplay1Change(char*newValue) { u8g2.setCursor(0,0); u8g2.setFont(u8g2_font_crox3cb_tr); u8g2.setDrawColor(0); u8g2.drawBox(5, 0, 61, 15); u8g2.setDrawColor(1); u8g2.drawStr(5, 15, newValue); } DcsBios:
  11. Further Information, I connected my display for the UFC menu on the slave board. As the RS-485 can only send one code at a time, the UFC Menu board needs to send 2 per line. In my case I have one display for all 5 lines which mean any change will send up to 10 codes. As it does this the codes get confused and I think out of sync as the display losses parts of the menus for a moment before correcting. This makes the display look confusing. For this reason I will be connecting the two boards to a usb Hub within the project box then have the hub connect into the computer. If anyone knows
  12. Hi Guys, Final chapter on this thread. Firstly a very big Thankyou to Hansolo for all his time and help. I greatly appreciate that. I now have the slave up and running using the RS-485 Chips as Han suggested. The only change I had to make was; Solder following wires on Slave chip; Pin 2&3 (RE+DE) on IC socket - BLUE - Pin 2 on Nano Pin 1 (RO) on IC Socket - GREEN - Pin RX0 on Nano **Pin 4 (DI) on IC socket - YELLOW - Pin TX0 on Nano** Changed fro TX1 to TX0 Pin 5 (GND) on IC socket - GREY - GND on Nano Pin 8 (Vcc) on IC socket - PINK - 5V on Nano Also, I was able to
  13. Ok Guys, Using 2x Arduino Mega boards. I have connected master SCL with Slave SDA and Master SDA with Slave SCL. There is a Potentiometer at Slave-A7 for the console Dimmer and I am trying to communicate through the master to dcsbios. Master Script /Master_test #include <Wire.h> /* Tell DCS-BIOS to use a serial connection and use interrupt-driven communication. The main program will be interrupted to prioritize processing incoming data. This should work on any Arduino that has an ATMega328 controller (Uno, Pro Mini, many others). */ #define DCSBIOS_IRQ_SERIAL #inc
  14. Hi Hans, I am now working on this. Using 2 mega Boards only (no RS-485 Chip), do you have a wire guide to connect each? I have currently connected pins SDA Master with SCL Slave, and SCL Master with SDA Slave. Is this correct?
  15. Hi all, I was just wondering if it is possible to have the F-18 HMD come up on the centre of my three monitors and not just the centre monitor. If anyone has done this please give me some instructions to change the UAE file in C++. Regards Mark
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