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  1. Dank dir. Ich habs nach ewigen Suchen jetzt doch gefunden. Die Einstellung schimpft sich "show corsor on/off" Joar...wer sich das hat einfallen lassen war wohl nicht mehr ganz so nüchtern.
  2. Guden zusammen Ich hatte die gleiche Frage bereits im Englisch Sprachigen Forumsteil gestellt,aber da konnte mir bis jetzt keiner wirklich helfen,also probier ich es mal hier. Die Mouse view ist Standartmässig mit LAlt+C belegt. Jetzt möcht ich aber diese Tastencombo auf meinen Joystick legen, finde sie aber nicht unter den Tastatur einstellungen. "Clickable cockpit mode" wie es mir schon einer vorgeschlagen hatte, lässt sich nicht finden. Weiß einer von euch ev. Rat?
  3. Thanks for the help. I´m german,but my DCS is to english. I want to remap this clickable cockpit mode from LAlt+C to the same button on my Joystick like I did for all my modules but I still can´t find it under the trillions of key combos in the option menue ^^ So,help is still needed!! Edit: nevermind,I´ve got it. It calls "Force cursor show on/off"
  4. This will be an day1 buy for me.
  5. Hi. Think I need a bit of help here... For Mouse look in the cockpit I can use Alt+C or double press the middle mouse button. So far so good, but how is the name for this setting in the options menue? Because I can´t find it under any name or key combo?
  6. Thanks for your help. But still no luck for me. Even if I reinstall DCE from scratch and do all the steps described in the readme´s DCS still crashes during loading the first mission. You can try it by yourself if you like. Maybe I´m too dumb for this ^^ Anyway, thanks to you and CEF for all your work. Seems like we have to wait till you guys sort all the problems out. Greets
  7. Thanks. Now I´m in the process to make the old campaign "Crisis in PG-Fulcrum IRIAF-Light" compatible with the recent open beta. Thanks to the manual in the Hornet over the caucasus campaign I have to do the following steps: - the old campaign is based on a version of scriptsMod 20.43.00 (possibly 20.38.00 but...) - re-save the base_mission.miz file with the DCS mission editor - have a ScriptsMod.NG folder (provided for example with the first test campaign "Hornet over Caucasus-CVN") - change the path.bat line this way: set "versionPackageICM=NG Ok,so
  8. @Miguel21 I have a problem with the Mig-29 Persian Gulf "Light" campaign. I can´t get past the first mission. DCE generates the 2nd one but DCS itself get stuck while loading the mission and I have to kill DCS via Task manager. Even skip the mission and generate a new one takes no effect. script version is 20.43.66 Version is V4.6L Telle me if you need more info´s EDIT! The mission itself, hope it´s the right one. Crisis in PG-Fulcrum IRIAF-Light_ongoing.miz
  9. Dont know if this is mission related, but is there a way to shut up my wingman? He constantly (every 2 seconds) reports contacts who are 150-200 mil. away during the entire flight^^ Edit. Mig-29 Campaign.
  10. You´re right. The Avionics language was set to native by default. Thanks and best regards
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