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  1. This method is working . Thank you!
  2. Awesome mod but I can't get this to work. I can see the new gun mount in the preview in the mission editor, but I don't see it mounted on the aircraft when rearming. I am running the latest version of OB Any thoughts?
  3. The Rudder Trimmer bounds the pedals to the cyclic stick trim button. So when you are applying left or right pedal and you press and release the trim button, the pedals will we kept at the position it is in when the trim button was released.
  4. You are the best! Thank you very much!
  5. Thank you very much, AnY! Could you please teach me how to do this for the Mi-8 and Gazelle?
  6. Just awesome, AnY! Could you do the other choppers also, please?
  7. In Options\Misc make sure you tick 'User Snap-View Saving'
  8. It means you are in game mode. You can change it in the options menu. Could also be that game mode is server enforced in the mission editor. You might want to check your mission also.
  9. You are right. I got it working eventually but indeed not with the co-pilot PTT’s. Those are for ED to implement. Thanks C.
  10. Apparently the co-pilot PTT’s aren’t implemented yet. I had a chat with Ciribob, the creator of SRS. So no matter what I’ll do, I will never get it to work unless ED comes with a Multicrew update. Thanks anyway for you effort, Andrew. btw, If you speak to him, could you give Gizzy my best regards? We flew together on the 229th. I noticed he is with you now, that darn traitor . Hehe, just kidding, of course. Thanks
  11. I have been trying a long time time now but I can’t get the PTT for the co-pilot to work. All is working very well for the pilot where I have assigned the pilot ICS to the first stage of my Cougar trigger and the pilot Radio on the second stage of the trigger. I know the copilot has a seperate set of controls for that. I have assigned both co-pilot ICS and co-pilot Radio to the same trigger stages but with a modifier. This is working because the radio menus for both controls pop up when I press the first or second stage of the trigger. Problem is I am not transmitting, not on the intercom and not on the radio. I have set SRS as follow; Always allow SRS hot keys : off Allow DCS controlled PTT : on Pilot side is broadcasting, co-pilot side is not. Did anyone else had this problem?
  12. Second post, in the United States folder. Enjoy!
  13. Seems to be fixed. Was able to buy it using the Module Manager.
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