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  1. Seems to be fixed. Was able to buy it using the Module Manager.
  2. Hi guys, After the free trail period I want to buy the NS 430 addon for the Gazelle. Problem for me is there is no Buy button in the E-Shop for it. I already own the NS 430 module for the Mi-8 an L-39. Thanks.
  3. My thoughts exactly. What we need is an additional UH-1H Co-pilot tab in the controls menu, just like the F-14 (pilot and RIO).
  4. I think I have the skins you are revering to. Unfortunately the file is to big to upload here. If you send me a PM I will get it to you.
  5. 1. The Garmin is disabled in MM 2. Loaded a fresh .vap file, no change in my situation 3. I have tried all PTT modes, no change in my situation 4. Easy Communications is unchecked in the option menu, but while using the Huey in multiplayer the display screen on the PTT tab is indicating Easy Communication: ON (see screenshot) 5. Both Parallel and Dynamic didn't change my situation
  6. Thanks Hornblower, Here are some screenshots of VA, Vaicom Pro, SRS and SRS server.
  7. Must say I was hoping for a little bit more help here. Are there any log files I could upload for you to check? Some Win10 files, showing my current install? Please guys, I realy want this to work again :)
  8. Since I have reset my PC and installed Windows 10 again this isn't working for me anymore. I had zero issues with my previous install. Makes me think I may be missing some important stuff to make this work again. On my machine it seems Vaicom isn't communicating right with DCS. Sending voice commands to DCS works like a charm, but the actual in-cockpit system manipulation isn't working eventhough the Operate Dial switch on the PTT tab is activated. I have set a custom DCS path in the Config tab. The sliders are correctly set. I see an export.lua file in my SavedGames\DCS OpenBeta. What am I d
  9. Guys please, I am still in desperate need of some help. I have done multiple re-installs of VA/Vaicom Pro and SRS now and I am still facing the same problems. The intercom switch in the Huey (and other helicopters) is not moving and SRS radio 1 and 3 are inverted. I know radio 1 and 3 in the Huey module are inverted but Vaicom should be handling this, right? Please guys, will be much appreciated!
  10. I really don't get it. I have done a complete reinstall of VoiceAttack/Vaicom Pro and SRS again tonight, all with the latest versions. It still isn't working like it should. It is not only in the Huey. All in-game Intercom/radio selectors of all my helicopter modules aren't working. The Operate Dial switch on the PTT tab is activated though. The SRS radios aren't matched with the ones in the Huey. Still inverted. Is there a certain file needed for this to work? Like a Windows update or some sort? I am running .NET Framework 4.8 Thanks for your help.
  11. Since I have reset my pc last week, the new install of Vaicom Pro is not operating the Intercom Mode Selector (PRV,INT,1,2,3,4) in the Huey anymore. Also the radio selector in the Mi-8 isn't operated anymore. Running the latest versions of VoiceAttack and Vaicom Pro. Also UH-1 radio 1 and 3 are inverted when using SRS. All TX hotkeys in VA and SRS are the same. Didn't have these problems before I reset my pc. Am I missing something? Thanks
  12. Good to know this is possibly a bug. Lets hope we will get a fix soon. Thank you to all for your reactions.
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