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  1. we didn't say that anyone is too dumb for that ^^ We'll look at it when we have time, for now we're working on "stabilizing" the adaptation of DCE on 2.7.0. Yesterday's DCS patch seems to have tweaked the spawn conditions on the sixpack again... and it's completely ruining our deck organization thank you, it's a pleasure to read you ^^ In fact, we don't have too much positive feedback, to be honest, we don't know exactly how many of you play DCE and if it's successful
  2. move a little bit a unit (and still, it is not obligatory, ... but good) save the mission with the same name: base_mission.miz
  3. ? not to my knowledge, DCS bug? In 2.7.0?
  4. Hi If you play with DCS open beta which is now in version 2.7.0 : all campaigns are incompatible (except the one we put in test : Hornet over Caucasus-CVN In this case, you have to wait for Cef to upgrade these campaigns if you play with DCS world, you must absolutely play the first mission and that it is well taken into account by DCS. And for that, it is absolutely necessary to launch FirstMission.bat before playing the first mission. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  5. An update of the scriptsMod.NG (20.46.93) is available via the download ScriptsMod/Update.NG button of DCE_Manager.exe This new feature will allow those who fly solo on dedicated server to have a simplified choice (like the singlePlayer) and to have all the planes on the deck.
  6. Hi Here is what you may find interesting https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/Category:Scripting And here's how to get started. Well, courage, I also started with PHP ^^
  7. mmm? what do you mean? I don't understand,
  8. Haha ^^ No, these are debugging lines (I have a lot of them ^^) To disable them: 2 solutions: -1 delete the ATO_FlightPlan.lua file in the ScriptsMod.NG folder then start the update again -2 open the ATO_FlightPlan.lua file and change the value from true to false: the debugStart variable Sorry again for the inconvenience
  9. Thank you and yet there were so many blockages on the deck, you are lucky not to have had to deal with that. That said, Cef has discovered 2 other bugs, so you can update ScriptsMod again, we're moving to the NG version (20.45.91)
  10. And please tell me if the download of the ScripsMod update works, because I have no feedback on it ^^
  11. An update of scriptsMod.NG is available, you can download it via the button of DCE_Manager.exe: This is still a test campaign, And please send us your mission files (and tacview if possible) if you find any errors. You will probably get an alert ""(0a) ATTENTION: the variable: CVN_despawnAfterLanding was not found in the conf_mod file, chapter: mission_ini" Don't worry ^^ an update of the campaign will come soon, if you can't wait, add this line in the conf_mod (in mission_ini chapter) CVN_despawnAfterLanding = true, -- (default = true) d
  12. there you write on the original DCE post of Mbot, which does not seem to support it anymore... so if the question is about F-14A Battle Group Delta & co campaigns: no, it is not compatible. If you want to talk about the DCE campaigns modified by Cef: only this one (which is in test) is compatible 2.7 https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315515/ But as written 2 posts above: this thread is not used anymore for the current DCE campaigns
  13. the blocking point will not be the processor, since DCS will only use one or two cores, but the problem will be the memory you will let it have So, to do other light stuff, : I think it will pass But to do "heavy" things (other games, video processing, shared computing etc..) it's dead
  14. Hi In the old version, there was a bug on the recognition of the hard disk, if you had moved the savedGames from C:, the use of DCE_Installer or DCE_Manager allows to correct it... But as you didn't use it, I think you still have this bug. Personally, we are not going to waste time to try to make old campaign work on the NG, we have neither the staff, nor the time for that (we are only 2^^, and on our free time). If it works, that's fine, if not, too bad. Cef will regularly release updated campaigns. For the moment we are focusing on debugging NG on the Hornet Caucasus CVN camp
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