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  1. Uhuuuuuuuuuu, wait, iran-irak looks very old as a script version we'll try to fix something else. Tell me which campaign you want us to fix, but an existing campaign, without modification. (no, for the moment there is no F14A, and I haven't seen TF-68 in the gulf) F14A is scheduled, but later
  2. and path.bat plz Saved Games\DCS\Mods\tech\DCE\Missions\Campaigns\Iran-Iraq war-Tomcat\Init
  3. Hi, -1- We rewrote the multiplayer code, I hope it will improve this problem. In any case, if you have a pb with a mission, please post it here and with the context, and eventually the tacview -2- The planes which land on the TARAWA it is a DCS bp, the planes land on the carrier closest to the point envisaged in their flight plan, and ignores complement the assignment of the identifier in the mission file. For the moment, by placing the TARAWA forward, it simplifies this pb, but creates other pb ^^ ^ I have an idea for a script to fix it, but it will be long, very long ^^ -3-
  4. Salut, you may be editing the wrong file (the OpenBeta file is not the same as the DCSWorld file) You edit with notepad, it's better to do it with notepad++ and make sure that the encoding of the file is in ANSI or UTF8, and especially not UTF8-BOM. Otherwise, post here a screen print of the file location and the DCS installation.
  5. Can you give your Init/path.bat file And an image of your DCE folder layout with the ScriptMod folders tree on the left side
  6. Thank you, Can you give us the version of the script used?
  7. I believe there is no SEAD loadout yet in DCE for the F-16C_50. That's why you have a mistake. What campaign is this for?
  8. For campaigns to last over time, you also have to stop "tinkering" them .... Well, come on, throw out the usual info... On ONE campaign only script version version of the campaign screen printout of the DCE installation in the directories etc etc... You know the music...
  9. This essentially happens at the beginning of the mission?
  10. airodromeID instead of airdromeId in its db_base ^^
  11. Thanks, I'll ask Cef for the first problem, the others look like DCS bugs. For the second bug, the F18 had landed or was trying to position itself for catapulting?
  12. I don't know, I have to do some tests. Maybe ED has changed things, I won't have time to look before this weekend. But I repeat myself, give me a mission generated by your DCE for me to look at...
  13. On which campaign, on which version? Moreover, in the case of a problem mission, try to transmit the mission to us. Thank you
  14. Strange, the first mission starts well from the parking lot (according to the mission file). Can you give me a mission file from where you start in flight?
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