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  1. Will there also be a good looking version, like the one shown in 2017? This "clog" looks to me as if it was from CH.
  2. Any chance the throttle might be in my hands by Christmas? I don't know about the length of preorders - this one hasn't started yet - in the past, so I came here to ask. Couldn't find any info so far except "before february" So, will we have the throttle delivered Christmas?
  3. Their reputation is based on products, not support.
  4. I can't find any official information regarding the use of USB3 / USB2 slots. Are there any? @Tripod This is crazy. If I understand correct, one should run as many (useless) devices on an unpowered USB hub as possible with the throttle, and deconnect one after another until the voltage is "just" enough to get it working?
  5. It's not the quality of the products that is making people mad, but the way things are handled when trying to fix a problem. Concerning the echo chamber you're of course right, there are always people that will start a drama even after three days without a reply. Still, I don't find the numerous reports on their reaction time encouraging. But I might be spoilt by amazon.
  6. I hope that's not accurate, it's quite a depressing statistic. Do you know why? Most people keep saying this and surely this is true if you are not one of the (rare) unlucky fellows who have a problem. My X52 is maybe 15 years old and still works, but I won't mind if it broke tomorrow because it's only 100 bucks or so. But if I spend 800 or more, I'd like to be sure to have a reliable support and the option to purchase spare parts in a couple of years or so. If not, isnt it like buying a used HOTAS from ebay? (which, ofc, for VPC/VKB one can't....)
  7. I was about to buy a complete Virpil Setup when I stumbled across complaints about their being slow and not very customer-friendly when in need of support. For example, waiting weeks for a cable doesn't seem uncommon. So I wonder: Is there any chance to buy a top tier HOTAS over amazon or another shop with good customer service? Of course I won’t mind if it’s more expensive.
  8. Very sad, I considered buying their throttle and stick.
  9. I didn't even know about the 10100F, thanks for the info. I didn't expect DCS to run on such a low cost CPU, even if paired with a decent GPU. Your probably right there. Maybe for now it's best to pair a cheaper CPU that comes with integrated Graphics directly with a rx6800 that I can then put into the VR-rig and still have the office machine functional. Whatever, I now have some kind of reference point, which is very helpful.
  10. Thank you for your replies. 1. I will build a VR gaming computer late 2021 / early 2022. What I need until then is a machine to run DCS with my 1080p monitor. This machine will then become an office rig and won't be used for gaming. That's why I don't need future-proof components. Also, I am buidling the system twice. 2. I can setup and assemble myself. I won't overclock. 3. I won't be using parts from my old computer. I'd like the game to look approximately like Matts Setup, and was about to get the 5600X, but I wonder if a Ryzen 3 3100 + GTX 1660 or equivalent would be
  11. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me with this. I have this monitor: HP 27o with these specs: 1920x1080, 16:9, 82dpi, no FreeSync or anything alike. What would you recommend for CPU and GPU? I don't want to waste any power / money because I am buidling twice the system. I want to buy now or within the next two to three months. Thanks for any advice.
  12. 05 seconds into the video: Looks good, if only it had the 12 seconds into the video: BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT
  13. We should vote for an usb port in the cockpit then ;) I have no clue about that, but I remember having read about that problem concerning drones some time ago. The chapter "on board data processing" of this site for example is about the bandwith problem. Might be solved by processing data on the aircraft / uav itself, and not stream raw data. This article is about encryption to prevent enemies from reading captured SSDs etc. edit: most of the stuff still seems to be stored locally, like the F18 black boxes / flight recorders here (are those black boxes?)
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