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  1. Hey rurounijones, Its probably a little early to call this a bug. I've not tested this in-depth myself but Zhukov is an experienced guy so I suspect the expected behaviour is that the active runway is determined by wind direction. It may be that its always set to the same direction, or there is a bug with that particular airfield. Can you try to replicate this issue with other wind directions and other airfields? If it seems widespread we can try and get the attention of the DCS team for their take on it.
  2. Thanks ED for giving us a way to feel like we are contributing to the direction of travel and that constructive attempts are being made to gather feedback from the community. Its a long list of options, some of which I didn't even understand in general, or what such a 'feature' would entail once implemented. I appreciate going into more detail would give people more ammunition when things change in the future. This did lead me however to put a low priority on things I didn't understand. As for everyone, the exact thing they want probably wasn't listed explicitly. I certainly value the qu
  3. In cockpit (where this is designed for) no, you do not need to hold your head. As you move your view in the game the mouse cursor is moved in the opposite direction to leave it in same place in the cockpit. On a menu screen you do need to keep your head still, as point CTRL is expecting things to move but they stay the same. However at this point it is expected you just pick up your normal mouse.
  4. Yeah, no worries, it would be really useful for more fine grained access to certain new features without having to be on the Open Beta branch.
  5. Unfortunately, adding features to 2 separate base versions vastly increases the development effort required. Looking at the F/A-18 updates, it can look on the surface like the updates don't directly relate to what a 'core' game engine is, but they almost certainly do. To ensure they didn't would take a lot of planning from the start, and essentially you'd have to get lucky that the assumptions you made at the start about what is 'core' and what is 'module' turned out to be right years down the line.In your example of the radar, you may at the start think 'I can make it work with these stand
  6. I'm not a senior member of these forums, mostly a lurker, so I might not understand the culture and expectations here, but your initial response came across in my reading as passive agressive. In his previous posts, outside of talking about the VR hand controllers, Hog mentions he owns a 5K+ and gives his view on it. In this thread he doesn't give any personal opinions or representations of Pimax products. He links to a youtube video and it is clear that the video's creator is a separate person (or maybe Hog is a ghost account for Sweviver). Even if he was a promoter for Pimax I don't see
  7. You can't do it natively in DCs, but there is a tool called Joystick Gremlin (and some others) https://whitemagic.github.io/JoystickGremlin/ I've not used it, but I understand you can create a virtual axis which is a mapped version of a real axis (or combination of 2, e.g. for using racing pedals as rudder pedals). It may offer more tuning options for its axis. You would then bind the rudder in DCS to the virtual axis.
  8. As mentioned by lunaticfringe, a non-vr solution (though still requiring spending money) is Track IR. There are open alternatives (I switched to Track IR as I had issues with these). This will allow you to move your head around laterally to look around the cockpit frame. You still use your monitor, but do have to mount to a cap, or buy a separate clip for a headset.
  9. Playing in VR with the F-18C, (Pimax Headset, GTX 2080Ti) I get a pure black cross as a mouse cursor when I'm not over a clickable control. When over a control it goes green and shows an icon (e.g. to rotate or move a switch up/down). However when not over a control in a dark cockpit it can be very hard to find the mouse and direct it onto a control. A video showing the mouse cursor, and a track file of that mission (just a short startup), is available at https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VBFCf9vwtgheNmzEhxYF6uPtwvZzaYzY Some mouse cursor issues have been related to scaling in windows d
  10. Thanks for working out how to fix! If people need a copy of 'fixed' Hornet of PG files (date set to 2003 and USN deck crew removed) I've posted my updated versions https://drive.google.com/open?id=1uM79ebzuFBa50I9-un14RvkjwhBS7eMA
  11. Wilcino

    VR Questions

    You can re-center the VR headset view whilst flying. From the main screen, go to settings (Gear icon) > Controls. In the top left select "UI Layer". In the list of controls is VR re-center (or similar name). Click on this under the keyboard column. Bind this to a key and click accept. Pressing this key whilst flying will move your "current head" position in the game back to the nominal head position. As in other games put your head in the "right" position for you then hit the button. You can use the hand controllers, but I don't, I use the cross hairs and mouse. I do find it ha
  12. Hi Miles / FireCat. I would like to be added to the list if possible. Good luck with the launch, It sounds like you've done a great deal of development work to get to this point, I'm sure it will pay off.
  13. You're in the mission editor discussion here. AFAIK you can't control basket deploy / stowing from the mission editor, this is done when a player or aircraft approaches the tanker to refuel and establishes communications using the F12 menu. If you're asking how to do it whilst flying a plane to a tanker, see below: The basket extends once you make the call "Ready Pre-contact", and are in a good enough position for the tanker to accept. Tanker communication is accessed by pressing F12 (comms menu) -> F5 (Tanker) -> (Might need to select which tanker here) When initially flying to
  14. I believe (but can't link to a source) that they are hoping to offer key bindings for the jester commands, to provide some way to integrate with VoiceAttack. Presumably this API could be customised to work with Streamdeck and other IO controllers, but I don't know what would be required, or even if such functionality will be available at launch/ever.
  15. What is active pause actually meant to do? I always thought it was "Pause the world, but allow me to interact with my aircraft systems"? But apparently it isn't that.
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