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  1. Multicrew Mi-8 is impressive by itself already :thumbup:
  2. 2 new maps, helicopter multicrew... and... Mi-24. Awesome stuff!:pilotfly: Also voice comms. Sorely needed :thumbup:
  3. Guys. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=4287187#post4287187
  4. Subscriptions have been used very successfully in the MMO world. And the insight that DCS is more like a service is spot on - quite similar to MMOs, we get all the fixes and features to the modules, not to mention the core engine, without paying for them specifically (disregarding maps, CA, etc...). The issue is pressing because tying revenue streams to module releases creates moral hazards and the developers may be pressed to pump out excessive new modules. We have not seen the worst of this but who knows what the future brings. There is lots of devil in the details. For starters t
  5. I don't think my stick settings are anything special. The Gazelle felt quite lively at first, but after a bit I got used to it, it's not really hard to fly and some ways it's very forgiving. Do turn on the autopilot channels to get the automatic stabilization. I'd think the Mi-8 is maybe the easiest to fly, seems to handle quite peacefully. But haven't flown that and the Huey that much. I think the Ka-50 is a bit more temperamental than the Gazelle but it's all very subjective. The right answer of course is to try them all and fly the best one the most =)
  6. The Viggen is lovely :thumbup: Sad they left out many important ones :helpsmilie:
  7. It's a great move :thumbup: But where are all the wonderful helicopters? Ka-50 only, on the last days... :huh:
  8. But delivering completed modules probably involves higher costs because you need more internal testing. Also the commercial advantages. Eg. when ED has the option to cash in at year 1, 2 or 3 - their choice - on each module, the financing is much more easier and flexible.
  9. Multicrew can be pretty important in multiplayer - it's a key factor in the charm of the F-14 and L-39, and plays a small part even in the Gazelle. If ED manages to up their game in multicrew with Mi-24, several modules down the road will benefit - or even become possible in the first place, in case of some two seaters. The downside is of course, that yes, it can cause further delay...
  10. It's actually positive news they have a prerequisite item and sounds like Mi-24 will be bumped up in priority once that's done. The module doesn't live in a vacuum but could be relying on some platform upgrade like that. In the end we get more as rotorheads. Just goes to underline the complexity and extremely long time span of ED's project as a whole. They work slowly with many projects in parallel, very different from many other game developers, even MMO creators facing similar complexities.
  11. It's pretty surprising how much mindshare helicopters seem to command here. The clamour for redforce fighters is not a big surprise, although it seems pretty strong indeed even taking into account some forum bias. WW2 doesn't seem to do quite as well here as in sales.
  12. How many side-by-side multicrew aircraft do we have? Medium-range dedicated strike aircraft?
  13. Agusta A129 WZ-10 Ka-52 Eurocopter Tiger HAL Light Combat Helicopter Mi-28 Mi-2 Ka-29 PZL W-3 Denel Rooivalk Apache Ka-26 Su-27 Mig-25 (all variants) Mig-31 Mig-29 Su-15 Su-24 Su-34 EA-6A or B OV-10 (Bronco) JAS 39 Avro Vulcan He-111 Bristol Blenheim A-20 (Havoc) B-25 (Mitchell) B-24 (Liberator) Kawanishi H8K ("Emily") Short S25 Sunderland Consolidated PBY Catalina (amphibious version?) Ki-67 Hiryu ("Peggy") Mitsubishi G4M ("Betty") Zero And a few Soviet cold war bombers too...
  14. I don't know any pilot who's been active for a while and has only 1-2 modules :smilewink: A-10 and F-18 both are fairly complex aircraft and the main risk I see with them is the feeling of being overwhelmed, there is quite a lot to chew. It may depend on the case, budgets, personality etc. I think people who come with a very rigid plan (idea what they are going to do) of set goals and schedules have the hardest time here. There is no other way than baby steps learning your aircraft and DCS. The advantage with historic or trainer aircraft is that you get much more quickly to a point where
  15. Welcome and good luck with the VR, many pilots seem to swear by it once it's running well. What are your goals/expectations with DCS btw? Just having some fun flying, really learning some particular aircraft, seeing how the military guys do things (I'd think you'd have lots of familiar things ahead of you too, but assumed you do civilian aviation), or maximum immersion? Historic and trainer aircraft might have a lot to offer for you. The L-39 and C-101 have different strong sides, ED has a great campaign for the L-39 which can really boost your flying skills and is like an extended train
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