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    DCS 2.7

    Yeah, fix the very basic core function -> replay pls. I'm looking forward to the new cloud tho.
  2. This recall my memory in MSFS, which a paid third party module called walk & follow. I guess ED might go that way
  3. Did you updated DCS after the mod? I guess this file will be overwritten each time you update DCS.
  4. ** I'm not on the latest beta release yet (23 Dec, I think) ** As I remember, you have to link your HB cats to the carrier you are placing on, the wings will be swept then (it will still show as un-swept in ME, but will be swept when the mission is loaded). It works on both stock & supercarrier.
  5. The solo flight option in ME, when selected I still see the co-pilot in external view, how can i kick him out?
  6. Yep, for those tired of reading.... we are so sorry, should probably go for ace combat in console. It had fewer buttons & switches to take care of, almost no readings required at all. Tons of fun as well.
  7. How about making a paid recording module? Otherwise I don't see why ED would raise the priority to fix this basic issues.
  8. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3301555/ This zip still missing the hud texture....
  9. Awesome works as usual~! Thx Taz, with a little tweak, it worked nice for me. Vehicles at distance now shown as a tiny grey pixel, tiny enough that it can be spotted by looking around carefully so I don't have a strong cheating feel. \o/ It really just 1 or 2 pixel with 3x3 blur setting (black center dot, with grey blur/shadow).
  10. Accept that or not, your flaps damaged. so you cannot sweep wings.
  11. Plus some random F or D words in it would be even better... lack of F/D words in the heat of a dogfight is very discouraging!
  12. Can set the AI to sweep wing?? Is it for SC only or available to stock carrier as well??
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