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  1. The solo flight option in ME, when selected I still see the co-pilot in external view, how can i kick him out?
  2. LulZ, looks like bad ass there!!
  3. Yep, for those tired of reading.... we are so sorry, should probably go for ace combat in console. It had fewer buttons & switches to take care of, almost no readings required at all. Tons of fun as well.
  4. How about making a paid recording module? Otherwise I don't see why ED would raise the priority to fix this basic issues.
  5. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3301555/ This zip still missing the hud texture....
  6. Awesome works as usual~! Thx Taz, with a little tweak, it worked nice for me. Vehicles at distance now shown as a tiny grey pixel, tiny enough that it can be spotted by looking around carefully so I don't have a strong cheating feel. \o/ It really just 1 or 2 pixel with 3x3 blur setting (black center dot, with grey blur/shadow).
  7. Accept that or not, your flaps damaged. so you cannot sweep wings.
  8. Plus some random F or D words in it would be even better... lack of F/D words in the heat of a dogfight is very discouraging!
  9. Can set the AI to sweep wing?? Is it for SC only or available to stock carrier as well??
  10. Caught! Double checked the mission setting, my carrier was on channel 3 and after switching from B to A, the default channel on the cat reset to channel 1.
  11. I'm abit curious, do the A have ICLS??? I loaded my carrier landing mission made for B, and replaced the B with A then fly it. I noticed the glide slope & localizer symbol didn't show up like the B used to be, when I get close to the carrier from the rear end... Am I missing some steps specific for A on carrier landing? Swapped back to B and all is fine.
  12. WOW...... beautiful!!!
  13. And pilot/rio names too.
  14. Now we need 2 A6M2 with all markings, i mean they are factory new for us to play with! Real A6M2, no mockup no T-6 Texans man!!!!
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