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  1. Toumal, is there a chance that you are locked onto something and the fall line is focusing on that off of your hud and toward the direction you're locked target is? Just a thought.
  2. Dear "What am I doing wrong" If I were you, I would contact a guy called "TacticalPascal" on either Youtube or by searching our group Tactical DCS Community. This is a fairly new group of guys who patiently walk you through any issues you have and are very good at helping even the most basic players. AND if you wanted to, I would fly with you and walk you through it myself. Leo Also, check out this video. At 2:30 mins, he is talking about what you want to hear I think.
  3. Just very happy I was able to help.
  4. NOPE!! In CCRP DMS down then TMS down should set up your slewable Boresight . Hope this helps
  5. Ram'll halp ya! He's da man! If he cant hep ya no one can RAMJETT will tell ya what you are doing wrong, I think i know but cant explain it to you. Im not smart like that. BUT Ram is. He helped me be able to do THIS yesterday!@
  6. 4FOR4 Thanks again, I was 4 for 4 this morning from 10k at 400knots. It was great having your support, You are truly an honorable and intelligent man. Have a wonderful day
  7. Thanks again! YOU have given me hope with your assurances and direction, I'm just getting started today, I'll figure it out or come back at you later today or tomorrow with a report or questions. My DMS is on my stick too but changed my TMS (to thumb HAT on the throttle) so I could use that TMS button to zoom in and out slow; I use the Thumb hat on the trigger to look around...right? WHAT DO YOU USE TO LOOK AROUND What do you use to look around and inside of the cockpit?
  8. If you use the HAT on the front of the throttle for slewing, what do you use for your TMS switches R, L, U and D? Can you suggest a good map for setting WARTHOG HOTAS up effectively for f16, as currently, I use the Thumb HAT on Throttle for steering which is nice as I can keep both hands on HOTAS during take off this way.
  9. I use the slew control push though as my RDR Cursor/Enable depress. Is this the RDR DOWN button you mean? (There is a RDR Cursor R,L, U and D button) Try bombing from 15-20,000 ft at 400 kts + and see if it makes a difference. I'll go back to this method again but did this for the first two days of A-G practice Only laze about 10-12 seconds prior to impact ( you will have to best guess that until TTI comes) if you lase immediately after release the bomb may run out of energy on a shallow flight path. From 20,000 it’s about 40 seconds. The pattern I have seen, I think, is tha
  10. F16-C Slewing and AG LGB problems Hey Ramjet and thanks for responding, I appreciate it. I am certain the TGP actually WOULD work fine on any other HAT actually and I have searched to find how others are slewing and how they set up because using a HAT will remove the functions currently (by default) were set on that hat. Which HAT do you use and what do you do with the functions purposed for that HAT? Because I've been working (unsuccessfully) for several days on this trying to figure it out, I've been dropping between 6 and 10k with an immediate slowing and immediate lasing. I am
  11. F16-C Slewing and AG LGB problems Hello there and I hope you are all having a great day, I have had no problems hitting targets in AG mode in my F/A 18 or A10C but CAN NOT seem to get AG down in the F16C The slew button on my WARTHOG HOTAS seems very difficult to control smoothly and also likes to slide around on its own a lot. I end up using the keyboard to slew onto the target in Point Track. When I finally am able to get the Point Track to sit on the target, it almost at that point feels like I am missing something to get the track to lock onto the target; when I drop and then
  12. Wow, you got shit for help with this issue. THAT sucks. I am having the same problems ith my warthog HOTAS and after 3 years with DCS I am close to packing it in after NOT being able to make a single kill in my f16c dropping LGB> Keep missing by 100 feet or so, even though the laser is flashing and I follow all the directions on all the YOUTUBE videos
  13. THANK YOU! This worked and I can use my Autopilot again after switching to ORIDE I appreciate the effort to assist in this issue.
  14. How did you connect your rudders to your tensioner lever? I can't get it to be recognized
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