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  1. I have flown the F-14 a few times but each time I fly it and get into any combat it shutters, stalls and flips over. Any type of aggressive movements with it it acts like it wants to falls out of the sky. Now I have not modified the axis controls in any way so if others have changed theirs this might be my issue. Out of the box it is terrible in my opinion but would like to make it flyable in combat without it just stalling all the time....... With that said it is by far the most beautifully done aircraft in DCS.
  2. Correct, when in missile mode it bounces left and right across the screen....
  3. No special changes in your settings if you set up the A-10 and F-18 correctly.The X and Y work across all platforms once you get them aligned......
  4. Nose The nose cone is made of a material like fiberglass and not of the aluminum of the main aircraft so there is a color change when painted. The original A model was black and changed in later models to a more grey/green color to match the main color of the aircraft.
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