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  1. Oh stop, just tell me how much it is. Edit: Dang, I should have really at least looked at the original post date before replying. lol
  2. Thanks! I downloaded it and will give it a try.
  3. Stuff like this will be really cool when/if implemented. Just like speed calls when in a knife fight with a mig. I don’t expect this stuff to be easy or quick. But it will be worth the wait.
  4. You all have impeccable taste and are just all around classy individuals.
  5. HB, everything is coming along great. Thank you. One thing I would really like would be a command(bindable) for Jester to give you a sitrep. His calls are awesome and I can't way to see how he evolves. But sometimes I want information and I want it now. Especially as I am getting close to launching when BVR or if I lose sight WVR. ----------- Since I am making suggestions... LShift + U anywhere other than on the flight deck should give the finger to whoever is closest to me. I'd pay at least $5 for that feature.
  6. I haven't ever needed to trim it. I just look past it unless using it to kill something.
  7. E2 calls BRA, I put the pointy end in that direction at or above that altitude, jester tells me there’s a group of however many and when he makes that call at an appropriate range I fire off my 54s. I don’t give jester any commands. Just let him do his thing. Edit: I haven’t fooled around with data link stuff yet. Just enjoying the basics first.
  8. When jester calls the bandits he has them on TWS and you can light them up with phoenixs when you see fit. I’d like a more definitive call from jester, especially since I can’t see around my stick.
  9. I would really like a vocal que from Jester for when he is tracking targets in TWS so I can brashly litter the sky with Phoenixs.
  10. No, that was me laughing. I can’t wait till a good how to use jester effectively video. At least the Phoenix goes pitbull...
  11. I disconnected. I think I just hit U instead of left shift U.
  12. Cobra, you can be my wingman anytime.
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