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  1. I copied it into notepad and its over 2000 words, and looks a lot more than 77 commands. I copied and pasted into word and notepad and once I copy it over, the default Vaicom Pro profile goes from 520+ commands to 77 once I paste the new ones in and apply. I do get a message popping up saying it is importing over 23000 dynamic commands. See the pictures attahced. Once I click ok, it shows only 77 commands in the keyword section.
  2. Editor is saying 922 commands Editor is saying 922 commands
  3. I am opening VA, pressing ctrl, Alt and C to bring up the config window. Once this is open I go to the editor, click the orange Finish button. I then go back to VA, click the edit profile button, double click the AI communications part in keywords collection. Once it opens, I delete all the text in the 'when I say' box, press ctrl+V to paste the new commands and click apply. Everytime it brings up the message. I have also tried creating a new profile, import the default Vaicom Pro profile and then doing the steps above. When I do this, I don't get the error message, but it only imp
  4. Hi, Thanks for the reply. My Target appears only once. Like you I have 'my target' and 'what is my target'
  5. Hi, I've searched for the answers but cant find them so wondering if anyone is able to help. My Vaicom Pro has been excellent and easy to update and import the new commands when I purchase a new extension, but I am having real issues when trying to update the keyword commands with the new kneeboard extension. I have validated the licene and go to copy the new commands into the Vaicom Pro profile, but every time I click done I get the message 'The profile already contains the spoken phrase; 'my target' and it won't then update. I have tried reload
  6. Congratulations to all the winners, there really are some great entries! To say I'm buzzing is an understatement! Thank you @BIGNEWYand the ED team!
  7. Great work by everyone! I've really enjoyed all your liveries and wish you all the best in the competition. I've learned a lot myslef by making skins for this. If anything, my skins folder has never looked so full! Good luck everyone!
  8. Cheers, Someone else said at a quick glance they thought it was a seafury!
  9. So here is my second P-47 skin. This time it is a generic RAF Thunderbolt skin that you are able to edit the ID markings on in the mission editor and the rearming window. The roundel had to be placed in the unorthodox position for the RAF to get it to work with the way the aircraft's ID codes are generated. Download here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315081/
  10. Hi Art-J, Thanks for the download and feedback. I toned down the roughmets and made their transparency very low as I wanted to recreate a matte finish to the aircraft as the research I did on the airframe said that when they were hastily repainted in India, the paint had a matte finish. I am more than happy to re-upload another version with a polished finish to it. *Updated roughmets to reflect feedback* Thanks Art-J and also to Megalax for his help with roughmets. Many thanks, Waynos
  11. I think it's such an iconic scheme and it amazed me that it hadn't been done up to now! Cheers for the feedback. I've just done some small updates to it today. I look forward to seeing what you create!
  12. Thanks for the info. I will get on to updating the skin and re-uploading!
  13. Here is my submission. This is a skin based on aircraft KJ140 serving with 30 Squadron RAF, part of the South East Asia Command, based in Jumchar, India in December 1944. I've really enjoyed making this one as I feel the RAF P-47's are under-represented at the minute! Download available here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3314983/ *Skin has been updated to reflect the feedback from Art-J. Wing roundel sizes also tweaked to match real aircraft size* *Updated roughmets to reflect feedback* Thanks Art-
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