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  1. Hi Folks, as you can see the F-14B Static Model with folded wings got them swept inside the aircraft.
  2. I experienced two SA-19 as group don't intercept an ARM. Two SA-19 combined with a SA-11 (CC,SR, 4xLN) intercept ARM. So it depends how the network is build. I like to build my ADS with several EWR ,long and short-range SAMs, plus some AAA.
  3. I'm sure this has been questioned befor, but i can't find it. Which weapons are we getting or can be expected? No Tanks AIM-54A ? AIM-9....? AIM-7....? My Modelkit for the "Cat" has MIM-23A. It looks like they modified HAWK Missiles for A2A use.
  4. Tach zusammen! Hab gerade dieses kleine Video auf Youtube gefunden, ich dachte mir ich teile es mal mit dem Forum https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykQzoge1K9E
  5. Herzlich Willkommen zurück! Dir werden positive und negative Dinge auffallen, zur Zeit liegen paar Sachen in der OB im argen aber es kommt bald ein Patch. Was ich schon länger mal sagen wollte. Danke für deine Tutorialreihe zur A-10C, die haben mit vor drei Jahren echt den Einstieg in den Vogel erleichtert und ich fliege ihn noch heute (auch das Upgrade). Dann bleibt nur noch zu sagen viel Spass beim wieder fliegen.
  6. Hi Folks, Befor create a bug report I'd like to know if there's something wrong with my technique or if there's an issue. Lately my GBU-12 or 16 constantly miss their target. Dropping Altitude is aprox 16k feet, the POD is not masked or something else during the drop, the laser lases the target but, 2 seconds befor impact it seems the bomb loses the laserspot does nose up pitch and thats it. So is it me or is something else wrong? I'm dropping LGB's since 2017 with the "Hog", so i've got some experience with these guys.
  7. [CANNOT REPRODUCE AND CORECT AS IS] GBU-54 and missing sounds Hi Folks, Not sure if i'm doing something wrong or not. The GBU-54 on Station 7 seems to miss the target everytime. I have no issues on station 5. During the coldstart, there is no warning sound at the oxigen-test, firetest and wmcu (Preflight-BIT and in flight).
  8. I like this little Bird, it brought and still brings a lot of fun to me. It's in EA so there are issues, yes. As long they get fixed for realism and not balance, I'm fine with it. Keep up the good work Deka.
  9. The A-10C we have now is deadly, adding new features OMG... then it's devastating, can't wait for it. Wondering if we get the LJDAM for the F/A-18C and F-16 too
  10. Cool Stuff In the Sparrow-Training-Mission your Hornet is equipted with 4 AIM-7M (Pylon) and 2 AIM-7F (Cheek Station). You can only switch between the Missiletypes with the M/H/F OSB. If this Option should show up with only one specific Type loaded? I don't know, maybe EA related.
  11. I should have mentioned that before, I'm talking about AI-Units. Some could lase targets all the time and some needed a script.
  12. As the title states. I recognized by coincidence that now our HMMWV's (unarmed) and A-10C's can lase groundtargets. Cool stuff, but you guys could have told us:D:D:D.
  13. Nah, it's fine. Flanker or Mig, one of them would make me happy.:D
  14. Well the "it won't sell that much" is BS in my opinion. Which Fighter is one of the most knowen modern RED-AIR-Fighter?......hm..... what could it be?.....hm.... Oh! I got it, a Mig-29!
  15. Those Rumors are nothing new. And as far as I can tell, it's BS.
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