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  1. Hello, I saw your pictures of the Flying Kiwiks skin and was wondering if that was finished/where to download? I love NZ, thinking of moving there soon so I like to have my Hornet flying NZ and Ozzie liveries. Thanks, looks outstanding, I love them.

    1. Rhino1980


      Hi mate, they are pinned in the TFK discord channel "skins and missions".

  2. Rhino1980

    Retro Hornet

    I've done this bare metal Hornet for a dude in our Squadron.
  3. Rodger. Thank you sir, the help is very much appreciated! And thanks again for taking the time to make that youtube tutorial.
  4. Thanks Megalax. Your fantastic tutorial on YT was very helpful! This is what I have, but the two on the tail stay like that. All the others are fine now: livery = { {"f18c1", 0 ,"F18C_1_DIFF",false}; {"f18c1", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC ,"F18C1GLOSS",false}; {"f18c2", 0 ,"F18C_2_DIFF",false}; {"f18c2", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC ,"F18C2GLOSS",false}; {"F18C_BORT_NUMBER_NOSE_L_100", 0 ,"F18C_1_DIFF",false}; {"F18C_BORT_NUMBER_NOSE_L_100", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC ,"F18C1GLOSS",false}; {"F18C_BORT_NUMBER_NOSE_L_100", DECAL ,"F18C_bort_number",false}; {"F18C_BORT_NUMBER_NOSE_L_10", 0
  5. Hi guys, I recently started delving into Roughmets. The plan here was to make just the Vertical stabs full gloss with no bort numbers. As you can see I have managed to get the lua not to put bort numbers but in the sun the space for them is glaringly (pardon the pun) obvious. Could someone please point me in the right direction as to how to fix this? Thanks in advance. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VvJuoDBbNIzdt_JSdxRbRDfNyhmdvcU3/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tHYM8P_ZfmpTaIFdQMUskLw75n1R-cI2/view?usp=sharing
  6. How is that status report from the Vulkan team going? @BIGNEWY Can you guus share some info on progress, improvements or otherwise yet? You mentioned they might be ready to share some info a while ago.
  7. Thanks kindly for the response. This is good news. My honest feedback is that I really, 100% believe that regular updates about the core of DCS will go a very long way to placating the community. We are all very excited to see where this is at. All the guys I fly with, we talk about the core all the time. Thanks again.
  8. BIGNEWY, can we get a comment on the status of the Vulkan implementation? How far along is it? Are there any test builds? If so, how are they performing?
  9. A few bugs, but a solid base. Pleasantly surprised. It looks bloody fantastic, even though it turns my rig into a potato. I'm sure this will improve. Thanks ED. Looking forward to seeing it evolve. Thank you for sorting out some MP lag issues. Lets get Vulkan and multi-threading going! Kind regards
  10. Is this a memory leak issue?
  11. I suppose it would be like having a Chinese flag for Taiwan. And Tibet. And Honk Kong. And all that ocean right up everyone else's beaches.
  12. Can we expect a meaningful patch this week? Any info appreciated, thanks
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