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  1. I've noticed that when flying straight and level, the AI wingman will be flying at a different AoA, with his leading edge flaps deployed. I was wondering as to why that is and if there is control for the leading edge flaps, all the guides I read so far don't mention anything about this. I've also noticed it happening in the f-18 module. What's the advantage to doing that? Or is it just an AI behavior?
  2. Thanks, I just wanted to try out some things in the "Training Day" mission in Nevada, now I got to figure out why my amraams weren't locking haha.
  3. Is there any way to view what the code for the laser on the TGP is and to change it? For example say you're using the JTAC laser code but then want to self laser your targets, how would I view what the code is on the TGP to change the code on the bomb?
  4. Well, I just got off the cold war server, after getting blind sided by a 21 while flying at 20,000 over the mountains. I jumped on another one, contacted awacs, saw a 21 on my rwr first rather than my radar and then immediately made visual contact, while I was dropping the fuel tank I got a launch warning, got tone on launched one myself and went defensive immediately. Didn't get hit but I lost track of that one and not sure if I splashed it as I went for cover around the mountains. Not the guns kill I'm looking for but exciting non the less.
  5. Ok, I felt it was something like that, there are definitely ways I've noticed I could finish the fight, I was just trying to force a guns kill from behind them. I will definitely try my luck with human opponents for practice too then.
  6. Hi guys, I got the F-5 some weeks back, and I took some time to learn how to fly it and now I'm testing the combat with it. I'm kinda new to DCS overall but not new to flight sims. I set up a mission with just intercepting a Mig-21 head on that is armed with just guns at 15,000 feet. I am able to kill it either with a sidewinder or guns shot on the head one pass no problem, but I struggle a lot after the merge if I choose not to kill it on the first pass. If he goes up for an Immelmann I just go down get some distance, pull back and hit it with a sidewinder, I found that if I get 2+ miles of separation between the planes I can turn around fast enough to hit him with a missile. At closer ranges I can never seem to get behind the Mig or even get a good lag pursuit going, it feels like I can never catch up to it in a turn. I also can never get behind him if we get into a scissors, it always seems like the AI adjusts its speed too well and is always able to have the best position in a horizontal or vertical scissors. I don't know if its just cause the AI is broken or if I need to be doing other stuff with the F-5. Any suggestions? I'm going to give multiplayer a shot soon too, kinda scared of stumbling into some F-15s, 18s, mirages, 27s etc. in the servers with my little F-5 haha.
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