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  1. Can anyone confirm this? I just checked, and my lighting does turn off now when I shut down the computer, but it does not remember the led levels. Neither the throttle or the panel? IS there something you have do do to save this setting?
  2. Or - You could quit whining that you can't but the throttle alone? Really, just buy it and then sell the stick you like least like I did or move along. Quit being cheap. All this begging is getting old. I think they got the message after the thousandth request.
  3. Found the Winwing throttle and stick too be fantastic! Kept both and sold off my Virpil throttle, and stick combo.Happy to have top level gear. Not a fan of plastic grips.
  4. True that! But. it will always be a compromise in that regard. You have to pick for your favorite jet, and just make the others "work" as well as possible. Thank goodness my pick is the FA18
  5. I sold my Gen 1 Virpil after hearing about the detent failures, and didn't like the constant changes making a 2 month old throttle instantly obsolete. I also wasn't to thrilled with the plastic parts in the Warhog. I had to grind my teeth and go with the more expensive Winwing. 100% realism, detents and all!
  6. None planned. Other then the HOTAS, all in game control will be through point control until full hand recognition is perfected for control.
  7. Flight / Racing VR motion cockpit finally complete after 1.5 years of weekend Piddling!
  8. Give the stick a try! I did, and really like it. As a matter of fact, I'm selling all my Virpil gear. After using the WW stick, the virpil stick feels kinda cheap. No disrespect, but maybe if they used resin like the real stick it would be ok, but it feels like toy plastic, where the WW stick feels solid in the hand. To me, the throttle AND flight stick are a matching set with matching quality. I'm glad that Wing wing is making top gear for those who want it. There is plenty of cheaper gear for those that don't want to spent what is necessary for this level of quality .
  9. I don't want to wear a bulky glove. I want a souped up Point Control. How about tracked bare hands in 3d space with just a slim finger tip slip on that offers some type of tactile as you grasp a switch! This should be Miles next obsession :-)
  10. I prefer the construction of the Slaws
  11. And those profiles are appreciated! I've download them, and will start exploring them this weekend!
  12. Yeah, that egg wouldn't cut it for me. My Winwing HOTAS or Simcube would never mount up to that. It looks flimsy. My SFX could throw a 500lb man across the room.
  13. I see you perspective, however, several builders have found it very worth while for use with DCS. Yes racing is the mainstay for these vertical actuator systems, but this system has quite a bit of travel for this type of platform. Using VR, the provided motion cues seem to do a fine job. A lot of movement can be too much. As you know, Being turned 90 degrees, or upside down does not feel right without real g forces holding you in. Here's an example of the travel: I think this is enough for good motion cues when using VR. No, it's not Ideal, but it doesn't cost $50,000 either. I fe
  14. The cost ( for the motion part only) was around $1700. similar D- box motion systems cost around $20,000 or more. A couple weekends time could built it.
  15. I've had good dealing with them too, But my biggest issue is: Why are they currently ignoring Pimax users? They refuse to offer any options?
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