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  1. My research paper identified (with all public information) that there were a number of problems, most dealing with really bad NATO tactics...but you're right about the SAMs. F-117's reportedly flew the same routes which put them in a very bad position.
  2. I recently completed a school research project on the 1999 shoot down incident (with some incredible sources). With that in mind, I am 110% certain that an F-117 module will not happen anytime soon. Despite the aircraft being retired in 2008 and the fact you can buy the manual online for the airplane...the technology that it carries and its capabilities is still super classified. The lessons learned from using the aircraft and its only shootdown are paving the way for advanced next-generation technologies, aircraft, and defense projects. Rumors and speculations suggest that even though they we
  3. As an AI aircraft, it makes almost no difference (aside from minor outside details) as to which variant it is. I don't think ED has the time to make new models for all the variants. I'm not saying it's a bad suggestion, but I am saying it probably won't happen any time soon.
  4. It's a little sad to see that some aircraft that were once in a countries arsenal (but no longer are) are not available to fly. It mainly applies to former Warsaw Pact countries. The first that comes to mind is that you can't fly the MiG-29 or Su-25A as the Czech Republic. Granted, some of these countries no longer operate these aircraft, but it would be cool to fly a Czech Su-25 with a Czech livery WHILE being under the Czech Republic and not Russia. I know it's only a matter of changing some of the code in each of the aircraft files. I've done it before but I'd like to see it as an "Official
  5. *Hasn't finished reading the request* "Not going to happ...oh AI. SURE!" We already have an AI Su-30. I don't think ED really has the time to go in an make a separate -MKI variant because for AI purposes they are all pretty much the same. A Su-35S is a possibility as it would just be a remodeled Su-27 with better aerodynamics. I wouldn't mind a -35S!
  6. KC-135BDA (drouge basket) is already in the game (I know it's in the OpenBeta).
  7. +1 It's a great TINY little feature that would be very welcomed and is not at all a lot to ask for!
  8. We will never see a fifth-generation aircraft within the next 30 years and possibly in our lifetime. Don't get me wrong. Who wouldn't want supercruise, stealth, and sensor-fusion that our minds couldn't handle? Fifth-generation jets were only recently put into service (2005 for the F-22). There is a great deal of information about these jets that you can't find publicly. You can't even see all of what they are capable of at airshows! The national security of any country is more important than civilian consumers around the world. I would totally settle for a FC style version of any fifth-genera
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